Our story

Relined Fiber Network: connecting and essential

Relined Fiber Network – connecting and essential

Relined, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in making unused fibre capacity available to both public and private organisations and businesses. Our goal: Providing sovereign fibre connectivity in north-western Europe. We achieve this by connecting public and private networks through strategic partnerships.

We are the key to the synergy between private and public networks, a sovereign foundation for the digital economy.

Over the past two decades, the digital revolution has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. Connectivity has changed from a luxury to a necessity. Relined is all about sustainable (public) partnerships and a long-term approach that contributes to digital growth. We do this with a strong focus on safety and stability.

In the 1990s, public parties such as ProRail and TenneT in the Netherlands laid future-proof fibre-optic networks to control and monitor their own vital processes. These high-quality networks, often with unused capacity, presented an opportunity to make them available to the market, which opened up new business opportunities.

Our mission

Delivering sovereign fibre connectivity in north-western Europe by connecting public and private networks through strategic partnerships.

Establishment of Relined

In 2003, Relined was born out of this vision. We started by locating and making these fibre networks available. Our network grew rapidly, starting in the Netherlands and expanding to the major internet hub of Amsterdam, where we gained access to many data centres.

The collaborations with local and regional network owners and the strategic alliance with BT in 2017 were key milestones. These collaborations significantly expanded our network, allowing us to provide an even wider target group with connectivity solutions across the country and connecting even more data centres to our network.

Network expansion to Germany and Denmark

Our growth did not stop at the borders of the Netherlands. In 2017, fuelled by the increasing demand for connectivity, we also took our first steps in Germany. This led to the integration of the important internet hub of Frankfurt, and later GasLINE’s extensive nationwide network. In 2019, we expanded to Denmark through the sea cable between the Netherlands and Denmark (COBRA Fiber Optic Cable). There, we expanded our network with a nationwide network through Danish gas and electricity supplier Energinet, further strengthening our position as a key player in the European connectivity market.

Enriching Connectivity Solutions

For more than two decades, Relined has specialised in leasing dark fibre capacity. In 2023, Relined acquired NDIX. This strategic move was in response to the growing market demand for a more comprehensive range of services, including exposed services. By integrating NDIX into our portfolio, we have strengthened our offering with a wider range of connectivity services. This expansion will enable us to deploy our fibre networks even more effectively to meet today’s digital needs.

Our story

in timeline

Incorporation of Relined B.V.

Relined was initially set up to market the unused fibre-optic network capacity of ProRail and TenneT.

About us

Metropolitan network Amsterdam

Acquisition of the network of Carrier One, giving Relined its own data centre network in Amsterdam.


Collaboration with BT and Incorporation of Relined GmbH

BT's network is added to the network in the Netherlands. Official incorporation of this entity.

BT press release

Metropolitan network Frankfurt and NGN collaboration

Relined invests in a data centre network in Frankfurt am Main and enters into a partnership with national network operator NGN in Germany.


COBRA Fiber Optic Cable

Use of a submarine data transmission cable between the Netherlands and Denmark is added to our offer


Extension to Denmark

Collaboration with a Danish gas and electricity supplier for leasing their unused capacity in Denmark to customers.


Partnership GasLINE

Relined and GasLINE cooperate in marketing their fibre infrastructures


Acquisition NDIX

Acquisition NDIX in which the dark fiber service is expanded with more connectivity solutions.

Relined Fiber Network acquires NDIX

Relined today: Your partner in connectivity solutions

Today, Relined is a leading connectivity provider in north-western Europe. We specialise in leasing fibre capacity, bridging private and public networks.

Our focus is on providing stable and sovereign networks, essential for the backbone of the digital economy. By exploiting unused fibre capacity, we make optimum use of existing infrastructure, leading to cost efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

With our expertise in connecting fine-grained private networks with the unique routes of public networks, we are able to establish valuable long-distance connections.

Through strategic and lasting partnerships in both the public and private sectors, Relined is proving itself as a stable and essential link in the world of digital infrastructure.

Relined Fiber Network – connecting and essential