Dark fibre in Denmark

Relined offers you customised connectivity. Together with our preferred suppliers, we operate a high-quality Dark fibre network spanning a distance of more than 51,000 kilometres in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. We can meet your need for national connections to this network in any of the three countries

Are you looking for a fast, reliable and scalable connection? Are latency, the shortest possible route, high quality standards and a party contributes expertise and experience important? If so, we are the right place to come. Relined guarantees you high-quality connectivity and secure data traffic over its unique network.

Your own Dark fibre network in Denmark

In Denmark, we have access to a 5,500 km long, nationwide network with many interconnection possibilities. Our offshore network between the Netherlands and Denmark, the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable, offers you a reliable and fast connection between the Netherlands and Scandinavia. From Denmark you can also use one of our offshore cables to Norway and Sweden

Offshore connections to Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Relined Fiber Network operates a number of undersea cables that connect various countries. These offshore interconnection resources are located between the national territories of the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

  • Nederland (Eemshaven) and Denmark (Esbjerg) – COBRA Fiber Optic Cable
  • Denmark (Bulbjerg) and Norway (Mosby)
  • Denmark (Skibstrupgård) and Sweden (Kristinelund)
  • Denmark (Gedser) and Germany (Rostock)
  • Denmark (Bjæverskov) and Germany (Bentwisch)

Good connectivity

Do you require the highest possible level of security for your data? If so, you need to consider the entire IT infrastructure first. Specifically, high-grade and stable connections are just as important as secure data storage. Especially since data and applications are located outside your own office environment more and more, and data needs to be transported increasingly often. You also need good connectivity to keep business processes running smoothly. But how do you create an environment that offers this level of reliability and security?

With Dark fibre: a fibre-optic connection without active equipment where the user decides what equipment should be used and arranges services. This type of connection is not shared with others and is fully managed by the user. You have complete control over connectivity and the services that use the connection. In addition, you can easily protect your Dark fibre infrastructure with encryption and send your data securely over an encrypted line. This makes Dark fibre much more secure than shared connections where you are dependent on a service provider.

Furthermore, you can scale up based on your own connectivity needs and you have access to unlimited bandwidth without incurring extra costs for your connection. So a Dark fibre network is future-oriented by its nature! More information about exactly what Dark fibre entails and the features and benefits it offers your organisation is available on our services page.

Our network

The interactive network map shows our existing networks.

Disclaimer: Relined Fiber Network’s network is under constant development. As a result, recent completed connections are not visible on the network map.