High-quality connectivity for your organisation

Dark Fibre guarantees secure, fast data traffic and 24/7 availability

Who is Dark Fibre suitable for?

Dark Fibre is suitable for businesses that need a very stable, very reliable and very secure connection that is scalable too. Thanks to the never-ending scalability of Dark Fibre, you can set up and extend connections yourself that provide the desired services and bandwidth.

Your connectivity ready for the future

Reach almost every location, fully managed and easy to scale up.

Long term

Why Dark Fiber is the solution for your organisation:

  • Unshared, and therefore secure, connection
  • Complete control means complete freedom
  • Quick and easy to scale up
  • Unlimited bandwidth


We deliver connectivity throughout North-western Europe:

  • Nationwide cover in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark
  • Close-knit network in various central business districts
  • Offshore network to the Nordics
  • 120+ (redundantly) connected data centres

Metro networks

Europe’s major internet hubs are part of our network:

  • Dark Fiber in the metro networks of both Amsterdam and Frankfurt
  • 20 to 30 connected data centres
  • Fixed, competitive rates and rapid delivery
  • High network standards, low attenuation guaranteed