As a network operator, you are our customer and our partner.

Together, we reach further

As a netwerk operator, you are regularly looking for a fibre-optic infrastructure as the backbone for your own network. We can offer you this backbone through our high-quality Dark Fibre network. We offer nationwide cover in this and offer you tailor-made solutions. For this reason, our network is now used by more than 17 Netwerk Operators. Our Dark Fibres are purchased in order to provide managed services to end customers. Which makes us your partner: and you yourself ours.

Because, where necessary, we make use of third-party networks, for example by hiring in the last mile Dark Fibres. Relined has a nationwide network, but is not able to offer the same degree of close-knittedness everywhere. This is why we like to work with regional Dark Fibre suppliers, so we can supply complete connection in certain customer cases, without having to dig the last mile.

There is so much capacity in existing networks, we believe that optimum use should be made of this. Why go excavating when there is already so much potential for connectivity? This is why we like to work with network operators.

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