Digitization in education

Are you innovating in the area of digitalisation in education?

We are happy to help you build up the IT network you need

Digital teaching resources are now an everyday reality, also in your classroom. You make extensive use of smartphones, digital whiteboards and tablets to make learning more innovative and for teaching, either tailor-made or remotely. Perhaps you want to connect various branches of your teaching community to facilitate the exchange of information? Or maybe you are looking to digitalise routine tasks, freeing up more time to focus on pupil or student development?

Digitalisation in education is a wonderful development, leading to the optimisation of education, but it also throws up a challenge: how to create an IT network that is always available, enables fast connections and protects my data (and traffic)? Without an internet connection, in some cases it may not be possible to give a lesson, and you want to prevent the sensitive data you work with becoming public. Lastly, you need a lot of bandwidth to prevent the internet from slowing down. Particularly as pupils all use different devices, and make huge demands on your bandwidth.

Scalable connectivity

In short, good connectivity is crucial for your educational establishment and we are happy to help you realise this. Our Dark Fibre offers you the foundation for secure, reliable IT infrastructure. Choosing a redundant Dark Fibre connection reduces the risk of outage to zero. What’s more, this offers optimum scalability, so your bandwidth can be adjusted in line with demand and you retain complete control over both your data and your data traffic.

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