Looking together for the best possible connectivity solution for your customers?

As a System Integrator or IT service provider, you deliver tailor-made ICT solutions.

You take the pressure off your customers, help them come up with solutions and provide support where needed. Whether this involves a VoIP, cloud or data centre solution, or solutions in relation to the Internet of Things, good connectivity is of the greatest importance. Because your customers rely on their connections working 24/7 and their data always being secure. In short, robust, reliable infrastructure is crucial.

We are happy to help you set up such infrastructures, using our Dark Fibre connections as a foundation. We also like to get involved with the business case, so that we are able to help you align as well as possible with the customer. We already supply Dark Fibre to many System Integrators. Our Dark Fibre network, consisting of high-quality fibre-optic infrastructure, makes redundant connections possible to pretty much every location in the Netherlands (and Germany). Virtually all carrier-neutral data centres are connected and we have a close-knit network in various big cities.

This offers you as an IT service provider and your end customers a whole range of possibilities as well as a high degree of reliability and continuity. We like to contribute to the process of coming up with solutions and give you the advice you need where you need it. With the final aim of creating the most appropriate solution for you, your customers and their end users!

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