Digitalisation in healthcare

High network quality required

As a care institution, you want to be innovative in the area of digitalisation. Care has to be provided more quickly, more efficiently, tailor-made and remotely. Digital resources are used intensively to achieve this. You exchange patient data online, consultations are in part given remotely and patients are increasingly measuring their own values at home. Good developments, but ones that also mean that connectivity is no longer just an ‘ICT matter’.

More and more bandwidth is needed to send and store data quickly. And securely, as every day you are handling privacy sensitive data. What’s more, the data has to be available 24/7. We understand that this can cause problems, and are happy to help you with the process of digitalisation and setting up a reliable infrastructure. One that puts you in control. We don’t do this alone, but together with your IT service-provider or another System Integrator who can take some of the pressure off of you and help develop the best IT solution.

What you can expect of us

We supply the stable connection from A to B. Redundantly, so that the risk of outage is zero. You then light up the Dark Fibre connection using your own equipment. This means you have more control over the security of your connections, and that you can simply allocate more bandwidth to your services if necessary. Thanks to this reliable connectivity, you can make full use of all the options opened up by digitalisation.

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