Sustainable Fibre Optic Network guarantees stable operations

Relined is your connectivity partner in north-western Europe

Fibre optic network in north-western Europe

At Relined, recognised as the connecting factor in north-western Europe’s digital infrastructure, we manage and operate an extensive fibre network of around 50,000 kilometres, stretching across the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. This network, both diverse and extensive, plays a crucial role in meeting our customers’ growing international network needs, including both national and cross-border routes.

In today’s world, where organisations are completely dependent on ICT for all their business processes, reliable connectivity is essential. We understand the high costs and complex consequences of network failures and therefore ensure a reliable network you can always rely on. Upon request, we can offer redundant connections for double security, with a completely separate location of your network.

Offshore routes and backbone carrier

Our network includes not only extensive land networks, but also several offshore routes, such as the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable between the Netherlands and Denmark and the connection between Denmark and Norway (Mosby). These undersea links provide redundant and shorter routes, which strengthens our offering by forming essential links for international data flows and contributing to the robustness of the European data network.

Relined is a true backbone carrier, delivering tailor-made connectivity with our versatile infrastructure, offering extensive connectivity options with parties in neighbouring countries, with which we present ourselves as a reliable partner in the digital economy of north-western Europe.

Data centre connectivity

Obviously, you want your valuable data to be stored in a safe place. In addition to our own nationwide network, we also have our own Dark fibre networks in Amsterdam and Frankfurt – Europe’s main Internet hubs. This allows us to guarantee the security and continuity of your connection. More than 130 data centres are now also (redundantly) connected to our network and we can easily link in your location(s).

So each and every connection provide by Relined offers good connectivity, a high level of security and guaranteed continuity.


Sustainable digital growth

Relined’s mission is to put existing public and private fibre optic networks to the best possible use by leasing their unused fibre-optic capacity. So our goal is sustainable digital growth.

To achieve this, we work with our preferred suppliers, i.e. BT, ProRail, GasLINE, Energinet, NGN and TenneT. Several local and regional networks are also connected to our network, allowing us to reach virtually any location.

What if you require a Dark fibre network connection in a location without an existing connection? No problem! We will work with you to optimally satisfy your connectivity needs, with the connection distance and costs firmly in focus. So you always benefit from excellent service, which we provide through intensive cooperation.

Why cooperate with Relined?

Our starting point is the essential pillars of customer focus, craftsmanship and quality, the basics you should expect from a commercial company. What really set us apart are our core values. Relined is connecting and essential in the digital infrastructure market for several reasons:

Core value: connecting


Relined plays a crucial role in connecting commercial and public networks. We stand for strategic and sustainable partnerships with both public and private parties, with the aim of providing secure connectivity through a stable and fine-grained digital infrastructure.

Core value: reinforcing


By using sovereign networks, which are often located in protected and less accessible areas, Relined offers an increased level of digital security and stability. This is crucial at a time when data security and network integrity are of paramount importance.

Core value: future-proof


Relined is committed to the sustainable growth of digital connectivity. This is important not only for today's digital economy, but also for future development and innovation. By deploying the unused capacity of existing fibre networks, we are making efficient use of existing resources. This leads to cost savings and reduced environmental impact while increasing network capacity and accessibility.

Core value: nationally anchored

Nationally anchored

As a subsidiary of Netherlands state-owned company TenneT, we contribute to digital growth with a long-term oriented approach. We are committed to a future-proof and uniquely located fibre infrastructure. We do this based on a strong focus on safety and stability.

Our network

The interactive network map shows our existing networks.

Disclaimer: Relined Fiber Network’s network is under constant development. As a result, recent completed connections are not visible on the network map.

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