Dark fibre services in Europe

In a digital world, a stable fibre-optic connection is essential. With our dark fibre solutions, Relined insures reliable, rapid access to your data.

Dark fibre is unlit optical fibre without active equipment. When you opt for a dark fibre network, you have a rapid, reliable and scalable connection.

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Sustainable fibre-optic network

Dark fibre provides the basis for your own future-oriented data network. Since fibre-optic networks are abundant in our country, you don’t always have to build one yourself. In many cases, an existing network can be used and only the last mile to the location needs to be excavated.

With equipment of your own choice, you decide the services for which you deploy the connection. Since our dark fibres are scalable, you can upgrade or downsize your own fibre-optic network: this way, capacity always aligns with your needs.

The most important benefits of your own dark fibre solutions

With a personal dark fibre network, you enjoy various benefits. The five most important include:

  1. Unlimited bandwidth

Thanks to dark fibre, the bandwidth available to an organisation is huge – or actually even unlimited. This results in fast transmission of data and optimal connectivity for the user. You have your own network, so you pay only for the fibre-optic connection and the equipment, not per Mbit or Gbit. So your connection is unlimited!

  1. Scalability

Another benefit of dark fibre is scalability. Because you have full control over the equipment, you can scale up based on your own connectivity needs. Preparing a new service, or need extra bandwidth? Easy to arrange. You don’t have to purchase extra bandwidth: you already have an unlimited dedicated network available to you. 

  1. Complete control

Having your own dark fibre network offers yet another benefit: complete control. Your organisation builds its dedicated network and can develop its own network strategy. You make your own strategic choices about how you set up, manage and secure the network. You decide for yourself which service providers you want to work with – e.g., where you purchase your internet services. This is a huge benefit when compared with IP–VPN, for example.

In short, you as an organisation are not dependent on a third party’s partners in any way. Not only do you retain full control over how you manage and maintain the network, you also control project costs.

  1. Privacy and security (encryption)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act, which has applied to every company since 25 May 2018, requires organisations to be in control and to handle personal data and other confidential information responsibly.

A dark fibre network is allocated fully to your organisation and is not shared with third parties. Your own dark fibre services are under your control and you can implement additional encryption on the signal (at the physical layer). This method of encryption results in less delay than with higher layer or application level (IP) encryption.

You can also choose to put encryption key management in the hands of a security officer, so that it is separate from the network and/or server/application department.

  1. Cloud and backup capabilities

Proper cloud storage is essential. Many applications and data storage centres are placed in the cloud. A reliable network is extremely important in order to have these services run properly and securely.

Dark fibre offers a solution here. With your own dark fibre network, you have complete control over the configuration, degree of security, scalability and allocation of bandwidth. Cloud applications thus become an integral part of your network infrastructure and contribute to the integrity of your network.

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Why dark fibre solutions from Relined?

The team of specialists at Relined knows what is going on in the market and what challenges your organisation faces in terms of connectivity. They know that security, flexibility and continuity of the IT infrastructure largely determine the quality of your service. And also that you want to strengthen and optimise your IT environment.

Thanks to our professional and customer-oriented approach – and a high-quality network throughout North-West Europe – we successfully supply high-quality, bespoke connectivity to customers in various sectors.

We always think from the customer’s perspective and have a professional and honest attitude towards our work. Our specialists analyse your situation and contribute their expertise to find the solutions that suit you best.

Are you considering selecting dark fibre network? Then opt for a collaboration with Relined.

Our starting point is the essential pillars of customer focus, craftsmanship and quality, the basics you should expect from a commercial company. What really set us apart are our core values. Relined is connecting and essential in the digital infrastructure market for several reasons:

Core value: connecting


Relined plays a crucial role in connecting commercial and public networks. We stand for strategic and sustainable partnerships with both public and private parties, with the aim of providing secure connectivity through a stable and fine-grained digital infrastructure.

Core value: reinforcing


Relined plays a crucial role in connecting commercial and public networks. We stand for strategic and sustainable partnerships with both public and private parties, with the aim of providing secure connectivity through a stable and fine-grained digital infrastructure.

Core value: future-proof


Relined is committed to the sustainable growth of digital connectivity. This is important not only for today's digital economy, but also for future development and innovation. By deploying the unused capacity of existing fibre networks, we are making efficient use of existing resources. This leads to cost savings and reduced environmental impact while increasing network capacity and accessibility.

Core value: nationally anchored

Nationally anchored

As a subsidiary of Netherlands state-owned company TenneT, we contribute to digital growth with a long-term oriented approach. We are committed to a future-proof and uniquely located fibre infrastructure. We do this based on a strong focus on safety and stability.

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Why cooperating with Relined leads to success

Collaborations with Relined are tailor-made. We opt for personal, lasting relationships with our customers. We would like to show you the possible steps comprising a cooperation:

  1. Welcome
    Personal contact is our number one priority. When you get in touch with us, you are immediately assigned a permanent contact person. For this, we consider your business type so that your contact person is up to date with the developments in your sector and understands what is important to you. Your personal Account Manager is responsible for your account and manages this throughout the entire process.
  1. Design
    Your network requirement is the basis for our design. Since each company is different, this phase differs for every single company.First, we discuss your needs. Which locations need to be connected? Do distance and latency play a role? Does your connection need to be redundant with another connection? What are your future expectations?In addition to looking together at your company’s needs, we also look at the work activities needed to set up your own dark fibre connection. Do we have to dig, are we dealing with public roads or do we have to cross a motorway or water? Which permits are required for this?Once all of the information is complete, we issue an indicative proposal. This proposal includes the monthly rental price and one-time connection costs. On this basis, the proposal is checked to see if it meets the customer’s technical requirements, and the design is modified as necessary.
  1. Contract
    Once the design phase is completed, you receive a final proposal in the form of a contract. At Relined, the terms and conditions and SLA are recorded in a Master Agreement. This includes the individual agreements containing the details of the desired connection.
  1. Building the connection
    After signing the contract, our operational team takes care of the implementation of the connection. Our Network Architects work out the details of the connection that they have already set up in the design phase. Our Project Manager then gets to work building the connection and delivering it to you. In this phase, you interact directly with the Project Manager; your Account Manager remains involved in the project in the background.
  1. Delivery
    Phase 4 will be completed with the delivery. Our connections are delivered on the basis of the ITU specifications. Your connection is measured using an OTDR measurement and you receive the technical data in your delivery protocol. Your network is now ready for use.

Network management and service

Once your connection has been delivered, this is managed by our Network & Service Management (NSM) department. This department manages and maintains your network.

You will be informed of any maintenance activities. And in the event of malfunctions, you get in touch with our Service Desk to ensure that your connection is active again as soon as possible.

What do dark fibre solutions cost?

The price for installing and managing dark fibre solutions consists of the following costs:

  • The one-time costs are for setting up the connection and constructing the network. These costs depend on the design created and the materials required.
  • A fixed amount will be charged each month for the management and maintenance of the network, the lease of the fibre-optic cable and for resolving malfunctions. The price depends on the length of your connection.

So the cost of a dark fibre connection depends on various factors. Curious about a no-obligation cost overview for your situation?

Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.