Unique location means efficient backbone connections

In addition to connections that were very reliable and scalable, i3D.net was on the lookout for a party that was capable of putting these connections in place efficiently.


i3D.net is a managed hosting provider established in Rotterdam that manages a 793 Gigabit trans-Atlantic network that connects more than 8,250 physical servers in 16 data centres all over the world. The services are provided from two of its own data centres, one in Rotterdam with a floor area of 3,500 square metres and one in Heerlen that is 1,000 square metres in size.

These i3D.net data centres in Rotterdam and Heerlen are located right by the railway line, making it relatively easy to connect them to Relined’s national network.

Why? Well, Relined’s network enjoys a unique location, running as it does along and within the ProRail railway line embankments and in TenneT’s power grid pylons. This means that long distances can be bridged with no more than low damping.


A scalable and stable network between the various data centre locations at competitive prices. i3D.net is a company that is growing all the time. They therefore need a network whose capacity can be scaled up based on demand.


Dark Fibre connections that could be easily connected to Relined’s network, thanks to the locations of the i3D.net data centres in Rotterdam and Heerlen. The geographically separate network means that the data centres are now redundantly connected to Amsterdam’s Internet exchanges and are accordingly equipped to handle the future demand for capacity.

The partnership between i3D.net and Relined was launched in 2014. The first demand that i3D.net made on Relined’s capabilities related to the provision of a Dark Fibre connection between i3D.net’s data centre in Rotterdam and one of its on-net backbone locations in Amsterdam. I3D. net has now made most of its backbone transmission lines within the Netherlands part of the Relined Fiber Network.


  • Located in the railway embankments
  • Geographically separate routes
  • Competitive prices

“The fact that only certified contractors are allowed to work near the fibre optic cables means the network is exceptionally stable, safe and secure.” Stefan Ideler, CTO, i3D.net