Maximum reliability and flexibility for Aventus

A reliable and futureproof Dark Fibre ring executed redundantly with competitive pricing: in 2015, this is the specification that Aventus – a regional training centre that offers courses in MBO, adult education and company training – asked various market players to quote for. In Relined Fiber Network’s case, this was (and is) a question it is often asked, and one for which it is happy to devise solutions jointly with the customer.


An appropriate solution was accordingly devised for Aventus based on the latter’s specific needs and wishes, this ultimately resulting in the creation of a reliable network and all the flexibility needed to migrate connections.

During the execution of the project, the employees at Relined and Aventus worked closely together. There were regular consultations and the necessary additional opportunities for contact, during which both sets of employees provided useful creative input, this helping to make the work progress smoothly.


A reliable and futureproof fibre-optic ring executed redundantly that features competitive pricing. Aventus was looking for a party that could offer not only reliability but flexibility too, both during the contractual period and for the relocation of connections.



A redundant Dark Fibre network for Aventus’s main sites, as well as a number of connections with its other locations. Including the option to migrate connections in the interim. Relined wants to build up long-term relationships with customers. The company can only achieve this by really providing useful creative input for the customer’s challenges and wishes and by responding optimally to these. Once the project had been awarded, it also became clear that Aventus wanted to start using the SURFnet PoP at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Deventer. Luckily, since Relined supplies many connections for SURFnet – including within the Saxion UAS – this request could be responded to right away.


  • Flexibility when relocating sites
  • Geographically separate routes
  • Competitive prices

“Relined’s proposal offered us quality at a competitive price. Prior to this, Relined had already submitted a clearly written implementation plan to us that considered all the possible scenarios. This gave us a lot of confidence in them. Not for nothing was the tender awarded to Relined.” Roy Dusink, Head of IT, Aventus