Government digitalization

Your sensitive data available securely, 24/7? We can provide the high-quality network; you are in control

Smart cities

As a government, you face significant challenges in relation to connectivity. Digitalisation is transforming our society. Citizens and organisations prefer to take care of their business quickly and safely online. Cities, regions and local authorities are becoming smart: smart cities. They are responding to themes such as energy consumption, sustainability, mobility, live-ability and health. More and more devices are connected to the internet (Internet of Things) and your internal scheduled operations are ever more dependent on digital applications.

Digitalisation in government

To cut a long story short, the digitalisation of governments and society means a great pressure on your IT infrastructure. You need a lot of bandwidth to achieve and optimise. In addition, data has to be available everywhere at all times, so 24/7 network availability is essential. And, last but not least: security is crucial. The (privacy) sensitive data you work with has to be protected.

We are happy to help you with these challenges.

Relined lays the foundation for good connectivity in the form of Dark Fibre. With Dark Fibre, you can create a network of your own over which you have complete control. You determine what services you will transport across your connection, how much bandwidth you allocate to each service and how you protect your data and data traffic (as well as external storage). We simply supply the connection from A to B (and, if required, to C), consisting of reliable, stable Dark Fibres. Apart from that, your government body is in complete control.

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