Relined is the Municipality of Alkmaar’s solid service partner

The approximately 700 employees working for the Municipality of Alkmaar make intensive use of municipality’s own dedicated fibre optic network.

If you count business partners like Alkmaar Sport and Stadswerk072 that are closely associated with the Municipality, the total number of users exceeds 1500. The municipality’s I&A Unit is responsible for ensuring that they have access to the services they need. Arnold Berkhout is the unit’s general ICT consultant for the Municipality of Alkmaar’s operational positions and those of some of the municipality’s business partners. In addition, he is also responsible for managing contracts and budgets. In view of those responsibilities, he was closely involved in the negotiations that led to signature of a multi-year maintenance contract between the municipality and Relined Fiber Network.

Gemeente Alkmaar

Thanks to the multi-year maintenance contract with Relined, our involvement and workload is minimised when a physical fault arises in the network. One telephone call to Relined triggers action to detect the fault and resolve it adequately.

Arnold Berkhout: “Relined’s approach was extremely pragmatic and result-oriented: no unnecessary complication or tortuously written agreements, just a solution-focused approach that perfectly matches the Municipality of Alkmaar’s requirements.”


The idea is to resolve problems real quickly. That is important because the municipality is obviously highly dependent on its connections. That’s why they were looking for an experienced and reliable partner for managing and troubleshooting the municipality’s own fibre-optic network.


A multi-year full-service maintenance contract with Relined, which requires minimum action on the part of the Municipality of Alkmaar when a fault occurs. Nearly all of the ICT of the municipality is based on its own reliable fibre-optic network, which is also rent out to Relined. This allows them to satisfy requests for fibre-optic connections in our region. In mid-2018, the municipality decided to expand the scope of our collaboration, resulting in the transfer of the maintenance contract for our fibre-optic network to Relined. The collaboration between Relined and the Municipality of Alkmaar runs smoothly and to the full satisfaction of both parties.

Arnold: “We are not the only party to be delighted by this collaboration; the other businesses and organisations that use our fibre-optic network also benefit greatly from the maintenance contract with Relined. After all, they obviously also want to get back online as fast as possible when a fault occurs.”


  • Maximum-convenience troubleshooting service
  • Fast response times
  • Good cost-benefit ratios

“Relined is an important and well-established player in the Dutch data communication sector. Our collaboration focuses on the use and management of our fibre-optic network and ducts. Resulting in good value for money and reliable connections.” Arnold Berkhout, Information Manager I&A Unit, Municipality of Alkmaar