Exchanging medical data requires continuity, reliability and security

Specialists, GPs and other medical professionals must be able to access the right patient information in an efficient and safe manner at all times in order to offer high-quality care.

Deventer Hospital and Huisartsen Coöperatie Deventer e.o. (Cooperative of GPs in Deventer and the surrounding area) have created the Salland Net Breedband network for this, in collaboration with Relined Fiber Network and Fujitsu. This dedicated network includes the underlying ICT infrastructure and workstations. Relined provides the reliable Dark Fibre connections for the network.

The network is now used by 80 GPs and 500 employees. The underlying principle was and still is ‘functional connection, secure and efficient exchange of information and a uniform way of working’. We have succeeded in achieving this.

Deventer Ziekenhuis


Reliable connections for efficient and secure medical data exchange on a regional scale. And to have access to this data at all times. It was the need of Deventer Hospital (and the Cooperative of GPs in Deventer and the surrounding area). The dedicated professionals feel a strong sense of commitment to the patients and often collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to provide the right care. These activities are underpinned by a keen focus on new medical developments. For example, healthcare in Deventer is completely organised around digital patient records. This approach targets reducing errors and making care safer and more efficient.

Deventer Ziekenhuis


A Dark Fibre network that connects Deventer Hospital with 30 GP practices and other organisations in the region: the Salland Net Breedband network. Together with Relined, Fujitsu was able to present an attractive business case that also offered great capacity. That made it an easy decision for Deventer Hospital. Fujitsu arranged construction of the network to each of the various care locations, connection to the Relined network and provided all the active equipment. As the owner of the network, Relined delivers the connections and is responsible for physically maintaining the fibre optic system.


  • Future-proof and reliable network
  • Efficient information exchange
  • Remote ICT services
  • Optimal and pleasant collaboration

“Every month, more than 11,000 requests for lab work are submitted fully automatically; completely error-free and extremely fast. Thanks in part to Relined’s connections, we are making healthcare more efficient here.” Marcel Hemels, Head of Support & Service ICT-TD, Deventer Hospital