High-speed internet for Tabor College, thanks to partnership Art Of Automation and Relined

Tabor College offers challenging and innovative education in a secure environment. The combined school has already made great strides in the field of digital education and has ambitious plans for the future too. However, in order to realise these plans, it needs high-speed Internet. For example, the schools use VR (Virtual Reality) environments, where students wear special VR glasses to imagine themselves into different environments. This is all data traffic, which accordingly requires a lot of bandwidth.

Art of Automation

In order to be able to realise a high-speed connection, Tabor College brought in Art Of Automation, whose partnership with Relied Fiber Network meant that they could meet this customer’s needs.


Tabor College wants to be an educational establishment that is accessible to all. Challenging, innovative education is provided, with all concerned working hard to provide the students with both the best opportunities for the future and an enjoyable time at school. They want to challenge and motivate our students by making the learning materials exciting and fun but they also want to make it possible for them to learn at their own pace.

Digital education makes this process much easier. And to optimize digital education they need high-speed internet.

Tabor College was in need of Additional bandwidth at an affordable price and with DDoS protection.That’s why they brought in Art Of Automation (and indirectly Relined Fiber Network).

Art of Automation


By cooperating with relined, the company was able to meet customer requirements. Thanks to one of Relined Fiber Network’s redundant Dark Fibre backbones, which in this case connects Art Of Automation’s data centres in Haarlem and Amsterdam and various of AOA’s POP stations located in West Friesland, schools can be provided with fast internet very easily.

Tabor College has stolen a march on its rivals, as it is now the first school to offer super high-speed Internet at three locations in Hoorn, coupled with (almost) zero likelihood of Internet failure.


  • Independence
  • ‘Unlimited’ growth opportunities
  • Scalability
  • Competitive prices

‘Relined has been working with Art Of Automation since 2013 but for many in our company, Relined has been a reliable partner for even longer than that. For instance, I got to know Relined via my previous employer. Our partnership is a flexible and enjoyable one. All the people there who we have come into contact with know all the ins and outs of our ‘case’, show a sincere interest in our needs and can also make a valuable contribution to our success. What’s more, Relined does not operate in a way that could compromise our competitive position in any way. This makes our collaboration an even more pleasant one!’ David Jacobs Commercial director, Art Of Automation