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Relined Fiber Network – connecting the dots

Connectivity in North-West Europe

We are Relined Fiber Network

The leading and independent provider of reliable, high-quality connectivity. We are active throughout North-West Europe since 2003, where we have provided tailor-made connectivity solutions to customers in various sectors.

We operate a high-quality Dark Fiber network of approximately 50,000 kilometres in length in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, and more than 120 carrier-neutral data centres are (redundantly) connected to it. We also offer an offshore network between Denmark and the Netherlands.

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In areas where we do not have our own network, we collaborate with various network operators. Those collaborations are obviously subject to our high quality standards and appropriate service level agreements. This makes us the linking factor in connectivity within North-West Europe.

In other words: We are connecting the dots


NDIX subsidiary

Exposed connectivity

In addition to our dark fiber solutions, with our subsidiary NDIX we offer a wide range of connectivity solutions for companies and data centers, suitable for Internet, data connections and private networks.
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Relined Fiber Network, your reliable supplier in the area of high-quality connectivity. If you want to know more about our organisation, read our story.


How we can help you

The team of specialists at Relined knows what is going on in the market and what challenges your organisation faces in terms of connectivity. They know that security, flexibility and continuity of the IT infrastructure largely determine the quality of your service. And also that you want to strengthen and optimise your IT environment.

Thanks to our professional and customer-oriented approach – and a high-quality network throughout North-West Europe – we successfully supply high-quality and tailor-made connectivity to customers in various sectors.

We always think from the customer’s perspective and have a professional and honest attitude towards our work. Our specialists analyse your situation and contribute their expertise to find the solutions that suit you best.

We remain committed to your organisation and business, even after projects have been delivered. Because that is our ultimate goal: strong, long-term relationships with our customers, so that we can continue to optimise our services.


Our core values

Customer orientation

We are professionals who know our field. We have the right knowledge and experience, but we also stay curious and keen to learn, which allows us to keep on developing.

Professional expertise

We are experts who understand our profession. We have the know how and experience, but we also remain curious and eager to learn, so that we can continue to develop.


At Relined, we are open in our communication. We say what we do and why we are doing it. Our lines of communication are short and we like to interact with our customers.


Quality is our watchword. This is reflected in our network, how we provide our services and our employees.

core value flexibility


The lines of communication are short and there is intensive interaction with the client towards custom solutions.

core value independance


We are neutral and therefore able to find the best custom solution for the client.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Relined wishes to make a valuable contribution to society. We are already doing so by optimising the use of existing network capacity and preventing the unnecessary building of new networks. But that’s not all. As part of CSR, we have entered into a cooperation with JINC. Together, we work for socioeconomically disadvantaged young people. By making employees available as volunteers in the role of trainer or coach. Or by organising accelerated internships, so that the kids can take ‘a look behind the scenes’ and carry out practical assignments. Want to find out more about JINC and the possibilities? Then check


Relined Fiber Network prides itself on high quality and security of information. The certifications we have, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, demonstrate that we fulfill the standards set for both. Each year, an external auditor assesses whether we still comply with all requirements. But this doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels the rest of the time. Not at all! We are constantly working to maintain the high quality and optimum provision of our services. We make every effort to assure the security of all forms of information within our organisation.

A summary of the certifications we hold:

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the worldwide standard for quality management, a measure of the transparency and reliability of an organisation – and therefore of ours. Put another way, do we say what we do and do what we say? Quality management is reflected in every aspect of our organisation and we are always working with this in mind on maintaining quality and the optimum provision of services towards our customers.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security, worldwide. It shows that an organisation complies with the strict requirements surrounding information security and that the organisation takes privacy seriously. Data security is at the top of our agenda.  We do everything to ensure that the security of all forms of information is assured.

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