Dark Fibre guarantees you high-quality connectivity and secure data traffic

Relined Fiber Network: connecting and essential

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Relined Fiber Network acquires NDIX

The acquisition will give Relined and NDIX a solid foundation for further growth of connectivity services within the business market.

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What is Dark Fiber?

Dark Fiber - fibre optics that are not carrying light - offers you a dedicated, future-proof connection. One you make use of any way you like.

For whom suitable?

Dark Fiber is suitable for telecom specialists. But the public sector and the enterprise market are also increasingly making the switch.

Our network

We can reach practically any location in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Also in your area?

In a nutshell about Dark Fiber

Your connectivity – ready for the future

Long term

Dark Fiber, stable and future-proof solution with a high degree of security

  • Unshared, and therefore secure, connection
  • Complete control means complete freedom
  • Quick and easy to scale up
  • Unlimited bandwidth


We deliver connectivity throughout North-western Europe:

  • Nationwide cover in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark
  • Close-knit network in various central business districts
  • Offshore network to the Nordics
  • 120+ (redundantly) connected data centres

Metro networks

Europe’s major internet hubs are part of our network:

  • Dark Fiber in the metro networks of both Amsterdam and Frankfurt
  • 20 to 30 connected data centres
  • Fixed, competitive rates and rapid delivery
  • High network standards, low attenuation guaranteed