Asimo Networks

Network Service Provider, provided by Relined

Top-class excellence: that is the level at which Asimo Networks operates. If you are looking for a Network Services Provider (NSP) for complex or specialised challenges, Asimo Networks’ services are an excellent solution.

Asimo Networks’ specialist team has supported companies in a variety of industries for many decades. Their knowledge and experience help customers move forward with their ICT infrastructure. Ranging from provincial authorities to oil shipment companies, and from local connections to fully connected databases.

To provide a reliable, secure and stable connection at this demanding level, Asimo uses Relined’s Dark Fiber network.


What does Asimo Networks do?

Asimo Networks is a full-service networking specialist. The team designs and develops IT infrastructure and delivers a range of services that includes Managed Services, VOIP Services and, of course, Internet connectivity. Asimo’s customers are supported by a team of enthusiastic problem-solvers. Technical achievers, with specialist knowledge.

The team offers 24/7 specialist help in acute situations. While problem-solving is not the only service provided by the team, it often marks the start of a long-term collaboration. With Asimo Networks as their ICT partner, customers benefit from comprehensive, fuss-free back-up across all areas of their ICT infrastructure.

Asimo Networks’ service network

With 11 data centres – nine in metropolitan Amsterdam, one in Haarlem and one in Rotterdam – Asimo offers its network services to a broad array of organisations. They are service providers to companies and institutions in various sectors, ranging from provincial government to oil shipment and transhipment.

Although Asimo is an external vendor for its customers on paper, it actually functions as an extension of the IT department. Sparring together, as equal partners. That attitude is typical of Asimo Networks – and also typical of how it collaborates with customers and suppliers. Relined is one of those suppliers : the Dark Fiber Networks provided by Relined are a key building block for Asimo’s services.


Asimo and Relined

The relationship between Asimo and Relined is close and highly collaborative. Daniël van Wijnen, Asimo’s owner:

“Our cooperation with Relined goes back a long way and is characterised by reciprocity. We use Relined in many of our projects and have regular contact with our Account Manager there.


That contact is always pleasant. Relined’s team builds bridges. They connect people, contribute ideas and expertise and always look ahead. When one of our customers needs a new connection, Relined never fails to come up with a smooth and fast solution.”

Relined’s network offer is an important business asset

That Asimo Networks works so closely with Relined is no coincidence. “Relined’s network is an important element in our service offer. We need good collaboration with a reliable partner. Relined has proved itself in that role. When you agree a partnership in writing, you often limit the term to a few years. In Relined’s case, we look beyond that. We build on each other’s strengths: we truly are equal partners’’, says Daniël.


Growing and developing together

Relined is a key supplier of Dark Fiber for Asimo. The close cooperation between Relined and Asimo has evolved over the years. Both Asimo and Relined aspire to close-knit partnership in their relationships with suppliers and customers. Contributing ideas and expertise, complementing each other and together generating growth.


Are you interested in hearing how Relined Fiber Networks can help you grow? Contact us, we look forward to talking to you.