Dark fiber metro network Frankfurt

Connecting the datacenters

Reliable data center connections in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the biggest internet hub in the world and one of the most important internet hubs in the area of data supply. Demand from organisations for reliable data centres – and connections to and from these data centres – is therefore still growing.

Own Dark Fibre network

Relined has the solution for this demand, because we have our own metro network in Frankfurt, to which more than 20 data centres are now connected. Redundantly, so we supply you with completely independent routes, cutting the risk of downtime to zero. This network is constantly developing. On the basis of close cooperative relationships with customers and data centres, we regularly connect new locations to our network.

Your reliable data centre connection in Frankfurt

In metronetwork Frankfurt we apply competitive metro rates and can deliver your fully redundant Dark Fibre connection within 1 to 3 weeks.* If the data centre of your choice is not yet connected to our Dark Fibre network, together we will find the best solution for your business case.

*In the Frankfurt region network the delivery time could be slightly different.

Metronetwork Frankfurt


Cooperating networks

No network in your region? In these cases, we work with local and regional networks applying the same high network requirements.

ILA sites

Regenerator equipment can be placed with Relined at strategic locations in the country. Virtually all of our locations have optimum security.

Data centres

Our network is constantly developing. We regularly connect new, well-secured data centres (redundantly) to our network. There are now more than 120 of these!