Digitization of media & entertainment

Are you, as a media company, looking for a reliable and secure network? Do you provide streaming services? Or are you looking for a network for recording studios?

Do you need a network that is stable, secure and reliable? And is data storage crucial to your business? We can realize this for your media and entertainment company.

In the media and entertainment sector, digitization has taken off. Where we used to stand on the roof to adjust the antenna after a storm, the majority of the Netherlands now mainly watches digital and on-demand television. Streaming services are unprecedentedly popular. And what about the rise of digital newspapers, magazines, gaming and social media platforms. All this requires a very large capacity in terms of data storage and very fast connections with the lowest possible latency.

Scalable connectivity

Good connectivity is crucial for your media business and we are happy to help you achieve this. Our Dark Fiber offers you the foundation for a secure and reliable IT infrastructure. If you opt for a redundant Dark Fiber connection, the chance of failure is nil. What’s more, it is optimally scalable, which means that your bandwidth can be adjusted to meet your needs and you remain in full control of your data and data traffic.

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