NDIX and Relined: we complement and augment each other

NDIX is an open and independent broadband platform for companies and institutions from all sectors. NDIX uses fibre optic connections to connect business and institutions in the Netherlands and Germany to its online marketplace. NDIX works together with more than 45 suppliers of data connections. Relined is one of NDIX’s preferred suppliers for the connections that form the backbone of the NDIX network.

In 2007, the partnership between NDIX and Relined was really set in motion by the delivery of the first connection for the NDIX backbone. From that time onwards, the collaboration has been made even more wide-ranging.

The services that NDIX provides are a good fit with the Dark Fibre network that Relined supplies and manages. Neither company is a competitor to the other, because Relined supplies Dark Fibre only, not any additional services. What’s more, the two companies both complement and augment each other.


Reliable connections with large-scale capacity to connect data centres with each other. NDIX’s customers are very dependent on the NDIX connections, so it is essential that each and every connection used for the backbone is reliable.


A Dark Fibre network for the backbone of the NDIX network with connections that link up the various geographically separate data centres. NDIX uses the Dark Fibre infrastructure supplied by Relined both as its backbone network and to interconnect data centres that house NDIX equipment (PoPs). Relined’s connections are also used to build redundancy into the network. This redundancy is achieved by using two physically separate Dark Fibres to make the most important PoP locations in the network part of a ring.

Dennis Snijder, NDIX: “The partnership with Relined is a very pleasant one. Relined’s staff are always available to answer our questions and come up with solutions. This is just one of the benefits of having a strong working partnership!”


  • Low damping
  • Few to no faults, partly because they are laid in railway embankments
  • Pleasant partnership
  • Competitive prices

“Relined offers quality at an attractive price, which – along with its great network coverage and the low damping in the connections – are important reasons why we purchase Dark Fibre connections from Relined.” Dennis Snijder, Manager sales, NDIX