We zoom in on the digitalisation of healthcare and where the opportunities and challenges lie

Together with Lea Bouwmeester, a boundary spanner with BeBright and chair of the editorial board of ICT & Health, we are looking into how technology can have an emancipatory effect.

Her vision of digital care is an interesting one, as she is closely involved with the subject of society wide digitalisation and addressing questions concerning the path towards increasingly digital care. This emphasis specifically on care has been part of Bouwmeester’s career for many years. Before settling into this new role, she spent more than ten years as a member of the Dutch parliament specialising in Care. A role that suits her passion for giving people who are not in the strongest position – in this case patients – a voice.

She underlines the necessity for digital care and believes that we cannot take the step as a society from illness and care to health and conduct quickly enough – something that can be achieved through digital care. In her current role as a boundary spanner, Bouwmeester enters into dialogue with several parties involved in digital care with the aim of taking this step. She is fully aware that the digitalisation of care is not a simple process. It needs to be handled well.

On the basis of Bouwmeester’s experience and view of digital care, in this white paper we examine important questions such as:

  • How do we prepare for digital care?
  • What opportunities and challenges will this involve?
  • How can we ensure that data is handled securely, and how can we achieve reliable connectivity?

Download this whitepaper and read on!