Relined expands its network in Denmark via extensive collaboration with Energinet

Vianen, 13 December 2021: Last week Relined Fiber Network has signed a far-reaching collaboration agreement with Energinet, the Danish national transmission operator. With this, Relined is expanding its fibre-optic network by 5,500 km in Denmark, thereby strengthening its position in the Nordics. This collaboration with Energinet aligns seamlessly with Relined’s mission to optimise the use of existing networks, thus contributing to connectivity in the future.

Energinet is an independent state owned company owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate Energy and Utilities. They own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark. To ensure continuity of the electricity and gas supply, Energinet needs lines of communication among the many electricity and gas stations throughout the country. Energinet has more than 5,500 km of fibre-optic infrastructure, parallel to electrical lines and gas pipelines.

Further digitalisation, as well as the energy transition, has led to an enormous and increasing need for safe and reliable data connections and therefore fibre optic networks. Energinet considers its contribution to this as a social responsibility.

 “We have available capacity in our network that can benefit the Danes and Danish society. By leasing out the available capacity in the fibre cables, companies that work with internet infrastructure – and others – can get secure, short, fast connections between, for example, data centres in the Nordic region” says Peter Markussen, CEO of Energinet’s Associated Activities company.

Relined was founded 18 years ago by TenneT, the Dutch transmission system operator and ProRail, the Dutch railway operator, based on the social belief, that the unused capacity of public organisations – and, later, private organisations as well – should be available to third parties. It is important that network owners are relieved of this moral obligation. This requires intensive cooperation in order to be able to use these existing networks optimally, while guaranteeing the safety and availability of this vital infrastructure for one’s own business operations.

 Along with the energy transition, digitisation is only increasing. Organisations are increasingly recognising and taking their social responsibility in this, as does Energinet. As an independent lessor of unused capacity in public and private fibre-optic networks, our understanding of how organisations can substantiate this social role is unique,” says Kristel Landa, Managing Director of Relined Fiber Network.

Relined has a nationwide network covering nearly 40,000 km in the Netherlands, Germany, and now, also in Denmark. With this network, Relined provides connectivity  for both domestic and international customers.

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