Relined extends network interconnection agreement with BT in the Netherlands

Vianen, 31 May 2022: Relined Fiber Network has been re-selling capacity on BT’s Dutch fibre optic network since 2017. By accessing BT’s infrastructure Relined has been able to extend its own network by 7,000 km. As a result of the successful cooperation and mutual trust, the relationship has been reaffirmed and extended in order to be able to continue to provide for future digitisation issues.

Due to the ProRail and TenneT networks, Relined was known for years as a supplier of long-distance connectivity. By using BT’s network capabilities, Relined was able to extend its reach into city centres and to add alternative, resilient long-distance routes throughout the country. In order to continue to make a major contribution to the digital economy, Relined’s objective is to create a network that is prepared for future connectivity needs in the Netherlands, but also to be able to continue to serve international market demand.

Léon van der Linden, Manager Operations at Relined, relates: “With these renewed agreements, we are committing even more to the collaboration between Relined and BT. By continuing to expand on a future-proof network we ensure that we can continue to respond to the growing demand for connectivity.

Digitisation, now an essential part of the Dutch economy, is impossible without good connectivity. The infrastructure required for this is a high priority for every company and is now also in full focus on the political agenda. The Netherlands has been a front-runner in the area of connectivity for many years now and we are still among the top 10 countries with a good digital climate. Collaboration is important in order to keep pace with current and future growth. The cooperation with BT, using its network capabilities, offers many opportunities to continue providing for this growth.

Stephane Lesenne, Regional Sales Director Europe, BT: “We are delighted to continue this successful co-operation with Relined. It will enable Relined’s customers to thrive in a complex and competitive world and deliver on our purpose to connect for good.”