Relined Fiber Network acquires NDIX

Vianen / Enschede (NL), 30 August 2023

Relined Fiber Network, the provider of fibre connections in north-western Europe, is acquiring NDIX. The acquisition will give Relined and NDIX a solid foundation for further growth of connectivity services within the business market.

Expansion of connectivity solutions

For over 20 years, Relined has been providing dark fibre capacity from various public and private networks in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Originating from a long-standing relationship between the two parties, this acquisition offers Relined more connectivity opportunities for both new and existing customers. For NDIX, it offers direct access to a large (international) network.

We welcome the successful completion of the NDIX acquisition, a step that opens the doors to new opportunities and synergies. Together, Relined and NDIX will offer an even stronger and more resilient infrastructure, allowing us to continue supporting our customers and partners with industry-leading connectivity solutions. This acquisition reinforces our commitment to providing high-quality services and emphatically contributes to our further development.
This year, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and are not only looking back, but above all looking ahead to the contribution we can make with our unique network and new connectivity solutions,” said Kristel Landa, CEO of Relined Fiber Network

Relined, a subsidiary of TenneT, now has over 50,000 kilometres of network with all major connected data centres in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Founded in 2001, NDIX provides connectivity to organisations in both the Netherlands and Germany. NDIX has been operating cross-border for some time. The company will continue to operate from Enschede and Münster even after the acquisition.

Common future.

“This acquisition marks an important new phase for the further development of NDIX. With Relined, we will be able to offer our customers and partners even more opportunities in the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. The combination of Relined and NDIX will provide organisations with reliable and future-proof connectivity that is ready for today’s challenges – and tomorrow’s.”, said Peter Lenten, Commercial Director of NDIX


“For both existing and future customers of Relined and NDIX, this acquisition marks an exciting new chapter. Together, we will strengthen our commitment to high-quality connectivity, building on the best of both worlds. This will allow us to further strengthen and broaden our offering with more network solutions than ever before,” said Talat Sahin, CCO at Relined Fiber Network.