Relined Fiber Network expands its network with new data centre locations

At Relined Fiber Network, we understand the integral relationship between data centres and connectivity. Our commitment is to continuously enhance our extensive network infrastructure by connecting new data centres. Our national and Metro networks play a crucial role in supporting this growing digital infrastructure. As a result, we are consistently seeking new collaborations to incorporate additional data centres into our network.

In Frankfurt, the data centre operator maincubes has announced the construction of one data centre, and Relined intends to connect Frankfurt’s new commercial data centre to its network. This potential expansion of the Relined (Metro) infrastructure in one of the world’s most critical data center hubs confirms the importance of the growth and connecting new data centres.

The unstoppable growth of data centres

The global demand for data centres is exponentially increasing, with Frankfurt serving as a key hub in this network. This city has long been one of the world’s primary internet junctions, making it a pivotal player in the digital economy. To meet this continuous demand, data centres are constantly exploring new locations for expansion.

maincubes FRA03: A new data centre in the Frankfurt region

maincubes, a renowned German data center operator and owner with facilities in Germany and the Netherlands, is currently building two new datacenters in Frankfurt and Berlin and has unveiled plans for two new data centre locations in Frankfurt and one in Berlin. FRA03, a multi-tenant, AI- and HPC-ready data centre will be built in the Frankfurt metropolitan area, promises to be a significant addition to the city’s growing digital ecosystem.

Given our long-standing partnership with maincubes, Relined intends to connect their new facility, maincubes FRA03, to our network. This step reinforces our joint commitment to delivering high-quality connectivity solutions. FRA03 will be ready for service Q4 2025.

Frankfurt: The heart of digital innovation

Frankfurt, as one of the world’s most significant data centre hubs, offers unique advantages. The city’s Metro network, known for its extensive coverage and capacity, facilitates optimal connectivity for both local and international businesses. This makes it an ideal location for data-intensive industries relying on reliable, high-speed connections. Relined capitalizes on this by offering data centre connections in the Frankfurt region at fixed, competitive rates, short distances, and rapid delivery.

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