Offshore Dark Fibre network

Direct connections to the Nordic regions

Offshore connections to Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Relined Fiber Network operates a number of submarine cables that connect various countries. These offshore interconnection resources are located between the national territories of the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.

  • The Netherlands (Eemshaven) and Denmark (Esbjerg)
  • Denmark (Bulbjerg) and Norway (Mosby)
  • Denmark (Skibstrupgård) and Sweden (Kristinelund)
  • Denmark (Gedser) and Germany (Rostock)
  • Denmark (Bjæverskov) and Germany (Bentwisch)

COBRA Fiber Optic Cable

The fastest route from Amsterdam to Denmark

Are you looking for a reliable and fast connection to the Nordic regions, for example from Amsterdam to Copenhagen? The submarine cable between the Netherlands and Denmark, operated by Relined, makes this possible. This COBRA Fiber Optic Cable is unique compared to competing connections and offers a direct connection between the Netherlands and Denmark. This direct connection ensures minimal attenuation and the fastest possible connection.

COBRA Fiber optic Cable

From the mainland, we route your connection to the desired final location.

Denmark as a central connection hub to various countries

From Denmark, there are various outgoing routes to neighbouring countries. Norway or Sweden, for example. Or you can set up a connection to Germany and we will route your connection further into the country via our network.
Links to the UK, Norway and the USA are also possible.

Cooperating networks

No network in your region? In these cases, we work with local and regional networks applying the same high network requirements.

ILA sites

Regenerator equipment can be placed with Relined at strategic locations in the country. Virtually all of our locations have optimum security.

Data centres

Our network is constantly developing. We regularly connect new, well-secured data centres (redundantly) to our network. There are now more than 120 of these!

Interactive network map

Network map