Relined Fiber Network furthers international growth with takeover of German firm Globalways GmbH

Relined Fiber Network is taking over the German firm Globalways from Datacenter One. Agreements on this were formalised and the contract signed by the parties involved in early November. This marks a further strengthening of Relined’s position within the market and promotes the company’s ambition to achieve more growth in Germany.

Relined Fiber Network expanded into Germany in 2017, introducing a nationwide Dark Fiber network to the market connected to more than 20 data centres and with capacity in the major cities, including the Frankfurt metro network. Relined’s decision to take over Globalways GmbH was prompted by a desire to even better fulfil increasing demand for connectivity on the German market.

“Our ambitions are big, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. We want to grow, and we are continuing to take steps towards this. For us, increasing demand for connectivity on the German market was the principal reason for entering into negotiations with Datacenter One, and this led to the takeover of Globalways. This will allow for even better use of our nationwide Dark Fiber backbone in Germany and will mean that even more connections can be made to the Nordics through the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable. We are immensely pleased with the takeover, which is a great springboard to further expansions on the German market” – Kristel Landa, Managing Director Relined Fiber Network.

Stuttgart-based Globalways has been providing professional IT services with maximum data security to many customers (both large and small) in Germany for more than ten years. Relined is taking over Globalways from the umbrella organisation Datacenter One – one of the most important operators of data centres in the Stuttgart region. The organisation is being taken over in its entirety, including all services and employees.