Relined connects maincubes AMS01 data centre with metro network in Amsterdam

After completing a major seven-month upgrade and modernisation programme, data centre specialist maincubes festively opened its new AMS01 data centre in Schiphol-Rijk in September. The data centre is connected to an extensive network in the Amsterdam area via an existing Dark Fiber connection operated by Relined Fiber Network.

The German company maincubes has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and is part of the Zech Group in Bremen. Data centres owned and operated by maincubes can be found at various strategic locations within Europe. The data centre specialist’s strategy focuses on co-location in combination with the development of ecosystems in collaboration with customers and partners.

The new state-of-the-art data centre in Schiphol-Rijk allows maincubes to provide data storage and co-location services for a wide variety of customers. The AMS01 data centre, which has been fitted out with the most modern equipment available, offers 4,400 m2 of co-location space and an IT capacity of 4.7 MW. All the relevant IT technologies and IT services can be managed and controlled within this area.

The fully modernised maincubes data centre is connected to the metro network in Amsterdam via Relined’s network. This network gives maincubes’ customers access to Dark Fiber connections to other data centres in the region. Relined offers connections at a competitive and fixed price in the Amsterdam region and delivers them in 1 to 3 weeks. In addition, Relined also delivers connections to the rest of the Netherlands and Germany.

“Jointly developing digital ecosystems with our partners is a very important element of our strategy,” says Joris te Lintelo, Director International Business Development at maincubes. “We see Relined Fiber Networks as an ideal network partner for connections in all areas of the Netherlands, to Germany and, from 2019, also to Denmark. Relined and maincubes offer complimentary services and can operate independently of each other with no adverse effects. Obviously, this does not prevent us from jointly approaching the market with a high-quality and interesting offer.”

Like Relined Fiber Network, which recently expanded its network and service provision in Germany, maincubes’ action in opening its AMS01 data centre shows a similar intention to grow, albeit in the opposite direction. The international steps taken by both companies mean that the co-location services provided by maincubes and the Dark Fiber services offered by Relined Fiber Network are now available to customers and partners in both the Netherlands and Germany.