Global connectivity, local expertise: The story of Worldstream and Relined

At Worldstream, we understand that every IT professional has unique infrastructure requirements. We provide a platform that prioritises flexibility, scalability, performance, and control, allowing our clients to tailor their infrastructure to their specific needs. Our partnership with Relined is crucial in achieving this goal; their reliable dark fibre network is the foundation on which we build.

The challenge: Scalability and reliability

Our infrastructure includes three data centres in Naaldwijk, with expansions in Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Frankfurt. Our collaboration with Relined enables us to maintain a solid and adaptable network, essential for our extensive data centre operations. Relined’s dark fibre solutions allow us to create a network that seamlessly meets the needs of our clients, from small enterprises to large corporations, who rely on our infrastructure for their mission-critical operations.

The solution: Flexible and controllable network infrastructure

Choosing Relined as our partner was a strategic decision. Their dark fibre solutions provide the flexibility and control we need to utilise our own network equipment, enabling us to create a bespoke solution that perfectly fits our needs and those of our clients. This partnership has allowed us to build a network that not only meets our current requirements but can also be easily adapted for future growth.

The benefits: Stability and future-focused growth

Through our collaboration with Relined, we have enjoyed a network with minimal disruptions, which is essential for the stability of our services. Clear and timely notifications and updates during maintenance and disruptions enable us to react proactively and keep our clients informed.

The importance of personal attention and communication

One key insight from this partnership is the importance of personal attention and regular communication. Despite the technical nature of our services, it is the human connection that builds and maintains long-term relationships. This is an area where we hope to grow together with Relined, strengthening our bond and deepening our mutual understanding.

Looking ahead

The IT world is constantly evolving, with new trends and challenges on the horizon. Our focus increasingly lies on supporting IT organisations that use our infrastructure to develop and offer their own services. With Relined by our side, we are confident that we can navigate this evolution together with our clients. We remain committed to the quality and reliability our clients expect and can rely on.

A word of thanks

“Working with Relined has enabled us to scale our network in ways we could never have achieved alone. Their reliability and flexibility have helped us maintain the level of service our clients expect. We look forward to what the future holds in this partnership,” says Danny Frazer, Network Manager at Worldstream.

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