Relined Fiber Network: the power behind digital connectivity

At Relined Fiber Network, our goal is clear: we want to make fiber capacity available to both the public and business markets in north-western Europe. How we do that? By making available the unused fiber capacity of public and private networks. Our offering revolves around both dark and exposed fiber. By using this approach, we promote digital connectivity by being a central hub for public parties, where supply and demand seamlessly converge. Within this framework, we also encourage (semi)public authorities to use existing public networks by making them available.

Connecting force

By operating in the market in this way, Relined acts as the key to the synergy between private and public networks, and actively contributes to the creation of a stable and sovereign digital backbone. And that, especially in these relatively troubled times, is important in a country and its international environment. Not for nothing do we lease our fiber capacity with a strong focus on security and stability. Relined consciously stands for sustainable (public) partnerships and a long-term approach that contributes to digital growth.


We distinguish ourselves by the nature of the networks at our disposal, with unique routes characterised by secure location in protected/less accessible areas, as well as by our long-term vision. The fact that both the grid owner and the shareholder (state-owned through TenneT) have a public profile contributes to the transparency we value highly at our company. In addition, we enter into targeted strategic and sustainable partnerships that contribute to the long-term vision for strengthening the digital infrastructure.

On to the future

At Relined, we gladly act as the key to the synergy between private and public networks and hope to provide a sovereign foundation for the digital economy by working energetically on this matter every day. And that by providing fiber connectivity in north-western Europe by connecting public and private networks through strategic partnerships.

We cordially invite you to consider what role your organisation could play in our digital ecosystem. Let’s work together on a future of sustainable digital connectivity. Contact us today to find out how Relined can contribute to your organisation.