The best solution for your growing connectivity needs? Dark fibre highlighted in 5 tips

Data usage has been exploding for years. Along with the rise in mobile data usage, Machine to Machine (M2M) applications are also increasing. With the growth of digitization and the use of data-intensive applications, connectivity needs are also increasing. Are you looking for reliable and scalable solutions to meet this need? 5 reasons why dark fibre is interesting for your organization’s increasing connectivity needs.

Scalable: easily respond to changing needs

With dark fibre, you are in control of the bandwidth your organization needs. Ideal for organizations that operate in a dynamic environment, where speed of action is essential. You are independent of the limitations of a service provider and have control over the speed and capacity of your network, allowing you to respond to changing needs and demands on your data traffic.

Reliable: complet control of your network

Dark fibre offers a high degree of reliability. You have complete control over the exposure of your network and thus how and what data you want to transport from A to B. This means you are not dependent on third-party performance. You make strategic choices around setting up, managing and securing the network yourself. Not only do you retain full control over the management and maintenance of the network, but also over the project costs.

Cost savings: fixed price per month regardless of the amount of data

The bandwidth of dark fibre is actually unlimited. You determine how much bandwidth you need and configure your connection accordingly. The price of dark fibre does not change this. In the long term dark fibre is cost saving for your organization. Owning your own network means that you do not pay more for increasing your bandwidth and thus your network capacity.

Secure: reduce risk of hacking

Your own dark fibre network offers you full control over the security of your network. Implement your own security protocols and measures and thus improve the security of your organization. Dark fibre offers you the ability to shield your own network from the outside world. This can be of great value if you work with sensitive information or have to deal with strict privacy legislation.

Future-proof: optimally prepared for future growth in connectivity

Dark fibre is a future-proof solution that you can easily adapt to your organization’s growing connectivity needs. It offers the desired scalability needed to grow and develop your network. This leaves you optimally prepared for your organization’s future connectivity needs and challenges.

In short, dark fibre is the perfect choice to meet your organization’s growing connectivity needs. An excellent solution for larger companies and organizations that need stable, reliable and secure connections. Connections that are also easily scalable.

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