Safer Internet day

Online safety for companies

Safer Internet Day has existed since 2004 to initially create more awareness and safety in the online pursuits of young people. But also for companies, online safety is and remains an important issue. Digitalization has taken off in a short time and the demand for digitalization and connectivity seems to know no bounds. But what do we actually mean by online security for businesses? Are we talking about the security of the glass fibers in the ground or on location? The way information is transmitted through the fibers? Or the way we make our business information available to our employees?

The short answer to the above questions is: yes. All of that. And more.

Over the years, Relined has described many different components of digital security in detail in its blogs. In honor of ‘Safer Internet Day’, we would like to take you through the various facets related to this theme once again.


Let’s start with the cables, these are mostly located in the ground or, in some cases, in high voltage pylons. These cables are safely shielded from the general public. But what if there is some digging and one of these cables is hit? Or if maintenance has to be carried out on this cable? Do you have an alternative to ensure that your business processes are not compromised? Or can (part of) your business process continue without this connection?

If you have opted for fiber optics, it may be important that your network remains available at all times, for example in the event of a cable fracture. When business critical processes are threatened when your network is not available, it is wise to think about redundancy. This means that your network remains available via another route. In our blog ‘Redundancy: essential if you depend on your network’ you can read all about a redundant network.


Een redundante verbinding


Then there is the way the information is sent through the fiber optics. We have all heard of the term encryption. The so-called “encrypted” messages. Perhaps it is a little less known that this can also be done on a fiber optic level. We then speak of optical encryption. The great advantage of this is that all the processes above are immediately secured. Is it necessary or desirable for your organization to apply encryption? Perhaps because you work in a healthcare, government or financial institution? Then read our blog ‘Make your Dark Fibre connection even more secure with encryption’.



Finally, we would like to say a few words about the security of data and data traffic. When you, as an organization, collect information (for example cookies via a website) and store it (for example customer and contact data), this storage must comply with certain conditions. All these conditions have been laid down since May 2018 in the law applicable to every company: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In our blog: ‘GDPR-proof, thanks to Dark Fibre and encryption’, we explain, step by step, what these must comply with and what choices there are for you as an organization to make this as optimal as possible.


Would you, as a result of the above, like to talk further about the possibilities for your company? Please contact us by mail or call our sales team.