The COBRA fibre optic cable: A solid digital foundation for Europe, with Relined as your guide to Scandinavia

The COBRA cable, a collaboration between TenneT TSO and Energinet, demonstrates what is possible when the energy and digital sectors join forces. This 325 km long HVDC connection not only strengthens the European energy network but also opens the door to a Dark Fibre connection. Relined has embraced this opportunity, showcasing our expertise in digital infrastructure.

Reliable dark fibre connectivity

The Dark Fibre option within the COBRA cable has proven invaluable for businesses, telecom providers, and data centres. It offers superior control, security, and scalability, meeting the evolving digital needs of our customers. Our track record speaks for itself: this connection has consistently delivered low latency and high-capacity data transmission, earning Relined a reputation for reliability and high-quality service.

More than just a connection

The COBRA fibre optic cable is more than just a piece of technology; it is a bridge to future possibilities for innovation, collaboration, and economic growth across Europe. This Dark Fibre route has played a crucial role in the digital transformation of Scandinavia, facilitating smooth data exchange and supporting digital growth.

Impact and progress

The development of the COBRA fibre optic cable tells the story of Relined’s commitment to enhancing Europe’s digital infrastructure. A legacy of reliability and innovation: our experience with the COBRA fibre optic cable shows that we are ready to meet digital demands with advanced solutions.

Looking to the future

Inspired by this success, we are motivated to explore new connections and technologies, contributing to Europe’s digital structure. Our collaboration with Maincubes illustrates our ongoing efforts to improve the European digital network.

A glimpse ahead

The COBRA fibre optic cable is not only a milestone for Relined but also a foundation for future projects in the digital world. With our solid track record, we are committed to contributing to Europe’s digital transformation now and in the future. Join us as we continue to innovate and connect, striving to realise a digitally united Europe.

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