Looking for a high-quality connection to or in Denmark?

Then we will be more than happy to assist you!

Denmark’s network, which includes several submarine cables, provides numerous opportunities for connectivity to Scandinavia, as well as redundancy options for connections to Germany.

In the network image below, we have highlighted the primary routes within this network.


COBRA Fiber Optic Cable

Since November 2019, Relined has been operating an undersea data transmission cable known as the COBRA fibre-optic cable, connecting the Netherlands and Denmark.

Thanks to the cable’s unique location, we now offer a reliable alternative and redundant route for connections to the Nordics.

This submarine cable delivers a reliable and high-speed connection between these two countries. Key features of the COBRA fibre-optic cable include:

  • Direct route from the Netherlands to Denmark
  • Fully divers from all alternative routes
  • 3 outbreak points
  • Distance 304 km
  • Attenuation 51 dB

If you need a fast and reliable connection between the Netherlands and the Nordic countries, our COBRA fibre-optic cable offers a unique solution.

Cooperating networks

No network in your region? In these cases, we work with local and regional networks applying the same high network requirements.

ILA sites

Regenerator equipment can be placed with Relined at strategic locations in the country. Virtually all of our locations have optimum security.

Data centres

Our network is constantly developing. We regularly connect new, well-secured data centres (redundantly) to our network. There are now more than 120 of these!