Preconditions for successfully storing data externally

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Management summary

The amount of data that is generated increases every year. This immense growth applies to all types of data. The demand for a form of data storage that can keep up with this rate of growth is also increasing at roughly the same rate. All organisations in the public and private sectors will inevitably have to decide whether their data should be stored locally, in the Cloud, or in external data centres.

In most cases, the decision will be part of a strategy that that will externalise more than just the organisation’s data. Other parts of the IT systems – infrastructure, applications – can also be outsourced. The right data centre, and also the right migration path, are essential choices.

  • High network standards
  • Nationwide coverage in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Metropolitan networks in Amsterdam and Frankfurt
  • Unique undersea cable between the Netherlands and Denmark
  • It’s all about quality

Relined Fiber Network

Dark Fibre connections in Northwest Europe are the province of the Relined Fiber Network. You can use our Dark Fibre network to reach practically any location. We are also happy to discuss potential solutions with you for setting up a scalable, reliable and futureproof network infrastructure for your organisation. When you choose Relined, you are choosing reliability, flexibility and quality, and the fact that our word is our bond.

What's your location?

What's your location?