Dark Fiber network - Denmark

Starting in 2019, Relined will deliver Dark Fiber connections to Denmark by means of a G.654.D Low Loss (LL) undersea cable. Once there, the infrastructure then picks up the connection and distributes it to such destinations as Copenhagen, Esjberg (with undersea cable connection to the UK), and Bolbjerg (with undersea cable connection to Norway). Denmark already has an extensive fibre-optic infrastructure in place. A whole host of carriers are connected to the most popular carrier-neutral data centers, as are landing stations for undersea cables and foreign fibre-optic cable systems that connect the country with the rest of Europe.

Colocation data centers

Most colocation data centers in the country have been established in or near the capital Copenhagen and most data flows in Denmark are exchanged here. Peering is primarily undertaken via private peering in the carrier-neutral data centers or via the Internet exchange point DIX (the Danish Internet Exchange).

COBRA Fibre Optic Cable

The COBRA Fibre Optic Cable, which is the undersea cable that runs between Eemshaven (the Netherlands) and Endrup (Denmark) is solely leased out in the form of Dark Fiber. Once on the mainland, the connection is easily picked up again by Energinet, our partner in the COBRA Fibre Optic Cable partnership. Naturally, it is also possible to connect with other carriers such as Global Connect, Telia, Colt, TDC, Zayo and GTT.

Fully redundant

The COBRA Fibre Optic Cable is fully redundant in respect of alternative connections with Denmark. The advantage of this is that we can realise your connection between Amsterdam and Copenhagen with just two operators, whereas a land-based route between countries would normally pass through multiple borders and operators. In addition, it is the light’s speed that determines the level of damping i.e. the delay between the transmission and receipt of data. Undersea cables usually take the most efficient ‘direct line’ path to their destination. This reduces latency compared to a land-based route between the same points.

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