Our Dark Fiber networks

Relined is the leading and independent provider of national and international Dark Fiber connections in Northwest Europe. Our glass fibre network means we can provide organisations with a range of (redundant and other) Dark Fiber connections in and with the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain. Direct connections between cities such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Copenhagen are possible. Thanks to several connected data centres along the route, in-transit signal regeneration is no problem at all.

Dark Fiber Network – The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, our collaboration with our preferred suppliers – BT, ProRail and TenneT – means that we have more than 14,000 kilometres of high-quality fibre-optic infrastructure at our disposal. This is complemented by the fine-mesh network throughout the country, which results in nationwide Dark Fiber network coverage. In addition to national connections and a fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in several city centres, we provide international connections to Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Great Britain.

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Metro network Amsterdam

Are you looking for a reliable data center connection in Amsterdam? Well, more than 30 data centers are (redundantly) connected to our Amsterdam metro network. We deliver reliable connections. Fast and priced at a fixed, competitive rate.

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Dark Fiber Network - Germany

Our Dark Fiber infrastructure in Germany provides nationwide coverage, covering as it does more than 15,500 kilometres. This is a reliable network and the ideal solution for long-distance connections that connect city centres with each other. Within the city centres themselves, we have a fine-meshed Dark Fiber network that many offices and data centers are connected to.

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Metro network Frankfurt

In Frankfurt, we have our own Dark Fiber metro network that a whole host of data centers are (redundantly) connected to. The connections are connected redundantly and can be provided at fixed competitive prices.

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Relined operates an submarine cable between the Netherlands and Denmark, the COBRA Fiber Optic Cable. One with the advantage of a unique location in comparison to competitive connections. This submarine cable gives you access to a reliable and super-fast connection between the two countries and you can easily connect form Esbjerg with networks on land or the submarine cable to the UK.

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