Offshore Dark Fibre network

Direct connection through the COBRA Fibre Optic Cable

The quickest route from Amsterdam to Denmark

A reliable, fast connection to Scandinavia? For example, from Amsterdam to Copenhagen? The undersea cable between the Netherlands and Denmark, operated by Relined, makes this possible. This COBRA Fibre Optic Cable has a unique location in relation to competing connections and offers a direct link between the Netherlands and Denmark. What are the advantages of this offshore Dark Fibre network? A shorter route means lower attenuation and a superfast connection. In addition, ongoing connections are also possible to, for example, the UK, Norway and the US.


What about the ongoing connection on land?
Back on the mainland, the connection is taken over by Energinet, our partner in the COBRA Fibre Optic Cable. Connections to Copenhagen, Esbjerg (where there is an undersea cable to the UK) and Bulbjerg (from where an undersea cable goes to Norway) are easily achieved. Naturally, it is also possible to connect to other carriers.

COBRA Fiber optic Cable

Infrastructure Denmark
Denmark has extensive fibre-optic infrastructure. Various carriers are connected to the most popular carrier-neutral data centres, as are landing stations for undersea cables and fibre-optic cables from other nations connecting the country to the rest of Europe. Most of the co-location data centres are located in or around the capital, Copenhagen. The majority of traffic in Denmark is switched here. Peering takes place principally through private peering within the carrier-neutral data centres or through the DIX (Danish Internet Exchange) internet exchange point.

Data centres

Our network is constantly developing. We regularly connect new, well-secured data centres (redundantly) to our network. There are now more than 120 of these!

ILA sites

Regenerator equipment can be placed with Relined at strategic locations in the country. Virtually all of our locations have optimum security.

Cooperating networks

No network in your region? In these cases, we work with local and regional networks applying the same high network requirements.

Interactive network map

Network map