Relined Fiber Network – factsheet

Connecting the dots

Relined is the independent specialist in offering unused fiber capacity as the basis for a connectivity solution that suits you. A partner who understands your business, whom you can trust and who thinks along with you for a future-proof solution and is also prepared to step outside its network boundaries.

Our mission is to unlock unused fiber capacity and make it available to the market. By connecting all existing capacity, we can meet virtually any connectivity challenge. And we do so in the most sustainable way.

Our employees

Of all Relined employees, 34% are women. And although we aim for an equal distribution, this is still a remarkable result in an industry generally characterised as a ‘man’s world’. Many support roles within Relined are held by women, and Network Architect Marina Verbaan has been holding her own in our technical department for more than five years.

But the best example is of course our own Managing Director; Kristel Landa, who has been at the helm of our organization since 2020.

Employees rate Relined as an employer with a 7.4. Training and development opportunities are rated particularly highly.

Staff members - Relined Fiber Network

Our datacenters

Our network is always in motion. We regularly connect new, well-secured datacenters (redundant) to it. There are now 128 in our entire network. For an up-to-date list of connected datacenters, follow the link. We also offer our own metro network in Europe’s main Internet hubs of Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The Dark Fiber connection on our metro network in Amsterdam or Frankfurt is subject to competitive metro rates and fast deliveries of 1 to 3 weeks.

Our core values

Customer focus
We are involved in your organization, we immerse ourselves in your needs and together we come up with the best customized solutions.

We are professionals who understand our trade. We have the right knowledge and experience and are curious and eager to learn so we can continue to develop.

Delivering quality is our top priority. This is reflected in our network, our services and our employees.

Communication lines are short and there is a lot of interaction with the customer towards customized solutions.

We are neutral and therefore we can choose the best customized solution for the customer.

Core Values - Relined Fiber Network


Our customers

Relined was founded in 2003 and serves over 300 customers.

Our customers rate our service with an 8.5 and give us an NPS score of no less than 42.9%. If we look at the NPS score, we are far above average. A score of 20% is considered very good and a score of 50% even excellent. According to research by Integron, the average score in the IT industry is 26%. With a score of 42.9%, we can certainly conclude that we have been able to connect a large group of ambassadors to our organization.

Facts customers - Relined Fiber Network

Our quality

With this ISO certification, we demonstrate each year that we continuously evaluate and improve our processes to continue to meet the high standards we set for ourselves as an organization. This annual renewal contributes to the further expansion and improvement of our services.

The certification is the globally recognized standard in the field of quality management and we go for quality, you will see that in our network, in our services and in our employees!

Relined has the following ISO-certifications:

  • ISO9001: the standard for quality management, a measure of transparency and reliability of our organization
  • ISO270012: the standard for information security; our company meets the strict requirements of information security and attach importance to privacy.

Quality - Relined Fiber Network

Our networks

Relined’s Dark Fiber network comprises nearly 40,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables. Over 13,000 kilometers in The Netherlands, 20,500 in Germany and 5,000 in Denmark. This means we can offer complete national coverage in these countries. We can establish connections to virtually any location within these countries. We provide reliable long-distance connections and have an intricate network in various city centers.

But international connections are also easy to achieve through various interconnection points at the border. In addition, we offer various offshore connections between, for example, The Netherlands and Denmark and between Denmark and Norway.

Networks - Relined Fiber Network

Our partners

Relined Fiber Network is the leading and independent provider of reliable and high-quality connectivity in Northwest Europe. Here, we have been providing customized connectivity solutions to customers in a variety of sectors since 2003.

We do this together with our preferred suppliers TenneT, ProRail, BT, NGN and Energienet. In areas where there is no own network, we work together with various regional and local network operators. Naturally under our high quality requirements and SLA. This makes us the connecting factor in connectivity within Western Europe. For a complete overview of our partners please follow this link.

Partners - Relined Fiber Network