Dutch Relined Fiber Network connects German data centres


Dutch Relined Fiber Network connects German data centres

Relined dark fiber

VIANEN, 24 April 2018 – The Dutch company Relined Fiber Network expands its dark-fibre network to Germany. Using a metro fibre-optic network in Frankfurt, Relined will provide data centre connections, just as in Amsterdam. This connects two important Internet hubs in Europe to Relined’s network. 

Along with Amsterdam, Frankfurt is one of the largest Internet hubs in the world. With the metro network in these two largest Internet hubs, Relined can grow further. Relined can also answer to the demand for international dark-fibre connections (unlit fibre-optic cable) – such as from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. The metro network in Frankfurt focuses on the future: the design took the other existing data centres into immediate account. These can be linked easily to the network in Frankfurt.

Relined GmbH was officially established in 2017 with the goal of expanding the network further over the country’s borders. Now, the rental of dark-fibre connections will start outside the Netherlands. More than 20 data centres are linked to the metro network in Frankfurt, including the data centres of Colt, Digital Realty, Equinix, e-Shelter and Interxion. Starting today, connections can be provided among on-net data centres in Frankfurt for fixed rates. Starting from September 2018, the network will be optimised so that connections can be delivered within 1-3 weeks.

“We are growing rapidly. As an independent lessor of dark fibre, Relined focuses not only on the Netherlands, but also on all of Western Europe. With our metro network in Frankfurt, we have taken another step toward achieving this goal,” says Jan Willem Tom, Managing Director of Relined.

At the end of last year, Relined publicised the expansion of its network in the Netherlands by more than 7000 km via a collaboration with BT. With this, Relined has achieved a nationwide and high-density expansion of its network in the Netherlands. With this expansion, plus a city ring in Frankfurt and the commissioning of the COBRA data cable (sea cable) between Eemshaven and Denmark at the end of this year, significant steps have already been taken. With the network extensions to Denmark and Germany, Relined follows its shareholder TenneT, which is present in the Netherlands and Germany with its electricity network and is working on a connection toward Denmark (COBRA data cable).