Who is Dark Fibre suitable for?

Dark Fibre is suitable for businesses that need a very stable, very reliable and very secure connection that is scalable too. Thanks to the never-ending scalability of Dark Fibre, you can set up and extend connections yourself that provide the desired services and bandwidth.

Dark Fibre infrastructure for the commercial market and government institutions

Relined leases its Dark Fibre infrastructure to professional customers and targets a wide range of customer segments including data centres, network operators, Internet Service Providers, hosting providers, system integrators, the corporate market, the healthcare sector and government institutions.

Data centres

The data centres are important partners for Relined. So, whether we are talking about connecting new data centres to our network or delivering connections to customers to and from data centres, Relined’s Dark Fibres allow it to offer a unique solution. Almost all carrier-neutral data centres are connected to our infrastructure redundantly and we are also constantly looking for new data centres to connect to our network.

Network operators

A whole host of network operators use our fibre-optic infrastructure as the backbone of their network. The network operators buy in from Relined Dark Fibres in order to deliver managed services to their end-customers. Since Relined is the only market player to solely deliver Dark Fibre, we are not competing with our own customers. Where necessary, Relined uses the services of network operators, for instance to lease the ‘last mile’ Dark Fibres. Since Relined has a nationwide but not a fine-meshed network, it can partner up perfectly with regional Dark Fibre providers in certain customer cases to provide a connection without having to dig up ground.

Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers use our Dark Fibrers to provide their end-customers with services. Since Relined does not offer any managed services itself, we are not competing with our customers in this segment. We are very flexible and have plenty of capacity; these are attributes that are of crucial importance to an Internet Service Provider who wishes to guarantee his services.


When it comes to hosting the websites, organisations usually have to rely on a hosting provider. They want to guarantee the highest possible uptime for their service, which is why they often use a colocation/data centre. The multitude of on-net carrier-neutral data centres is the reason why many hosting providers opt for a Dark Fibre solution from Relined.

System integrators

A system integrator delivers all-round solutions, with connectivity as one of its core features. Whether the solution involves VoIP, clouds or data centres, in all cases a stable connection is needed. This is why many system integrators see Relined as the provider of Dark Fibre. Since Relined has a connection to almost all carrier-neutral data centres, this offers system integrators and end-customers options galore and a high degree of reliability and continuity.

Corporate market

In the corporate market, demand for bandwidth is still increasing. Another Relined attribute that is prized just as highly by this segment is that of scalability. Whether we are talking about an Internet connection for your employees or colocation/backup, Relined will work with its partners to facilitate your entire infrastructure. Good to know: with Dark Fibre you can protect the signal further by adding encryption. The encryption can be added in the WDM equipment to as little as a single wavelength/colour.

Healthcare sector

The advent of the electronic customer dossier (ECD) means that the demand for stable, secure connections in the healthcare sector is increasing. The vast majority of Relined’s Dark Fibre infrastructure is located on ProRail premises or in TenneT’s grid transmission pylons. This guarantees the security of both the glass fibre itself and your data. Since healthcare institutions work with extremely sensitive data, security is even more important than usual.
Even an unlit glass fibre connection (i.e. Dark Fibre) in its standard form is already more secure than an open connection. What’s more, the signal can be given further protection by encrypting it.

Government institutions

Government institutions need to have stable and reliable data connections. Dark Fibre gives government institutions the option of managing all aspects of their connections themselves. In addition to self-managing the glass fibre connection, government ICT absolutely has to have both scalability and security.

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