Dark Fibre with WDM: more possibilities for security


The large numbers of successful ransomware attacks prove almost daily that greater attention is required in this area.

Relined dark fiber

Organisations in the Netherlands and Germany must be able to demonstrate that they are in control increasingly often. This involves more than physical security and safely storing data. Challenging requirements now also apply to connectivity and data transport.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in force since 25 May 2018, has had a significant impact and led to greater scrutiny. A commonly heard reaction is that security has become a permanent topic on the agenda at board level for the first time, thanks to the GDPR. As a result, security is no longer exclusively the domain of experts within IT.

The GDPR has also led to a more widespread focus on connectivity. It is now seen as an indispensable ingredient for achieving greater security. Growing interest in connectivity has also highlighted other issues.

For example, business continuity, a concept that is not often mentioned even though it is inextricably linked to security. The large numbers of successful ransomware attacks prove almost daily that greater attention is required in this area. Besides repelling these attacks, adequate action must also be taken in order to repair the resulting damage quickly. So business continuity needs to be prioritised by IT experts and management.

This also clearly illustrates why high standards have to be set for connectivity. A strong BC strategy is based on a high frequency of back-ups and snapshots. They should be stored outside the organisation’s own sites. Whether the storage location is an external data centre or the cloud is less relevant. The important considerations here are ensuring adequate bandwidth and guaranteeing a stable, secure connection in order to transfer the back-ups and snapshots quickly to the remote location. Obviously, the same applies when a back-up needs to be restored following an incident.

Clearly, not all forms of connectivity are suitable for these challenges. The requirement for adequate bandwidth generally means that a fibre-optic cable is the only realistic option. And the requirements relating to security and quality tend to rule out using a shared connection. Dark Fibre with WDM is the ideal connectivity solution in most of these cases.

This white paper explains how it contributes to greater security.