More than 110 redundantly connected data centers

Security and continuity considerations mean that many of our customers want to house their business-critical ICT equipment in properly protected data centers. Relined now has over 110 carrier-neutral data centers in the Netherlands and Germany at its disposal that are (redundantly) connected to its Dark Fiber network. It’s also a number that is growing every year.

New connections (completed)

  • Edgeconnex, Koolhovenlaan 12, 1119 NE, Schiphol-Rijk
  • e-shelter, Aviolanda 1, 1437 ED Rozenburg, The Netherlands – redundant

Planned connections

  • Digital Realty, Wilhelm-Fay-Strasse 24, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Q1 2020)
  • Global Switch, Eschborner Landstrasse 110, 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Q1 2020

Isn’t it time that your data center was connected to our network too? If it isn’t then please get in touch href=”/contact”>contact with us to discuss the possibilities.

Strategic regeneration locations

At Relined, you can site the regeneration equipment at various strategic locations throughout the country. Possible locations for this are in almost all cases to be found on securely protected premises, such as at TenneT’s 380 kV network stations, at various of Relined’s own regeneration locations and at many of our data center partners. This means the best possible security is guaranteed at almost any location you choose.

Are u Connected?