Play and win!

Connecting the dots - game

Connecting the dots – game

Play and win!

How does it work?

It’s simple! Connect the dots in the game with lines after completing the tasks at the dot. Have you connected all the dots and reached the finish line? Then you’re a winner!

Relined Fiber Network_Connecting the dots - game



All participants who have reached the finish line, will receive a “Relined surprise package”. Want to know what’s in this surprise package? Keep following us on LinkedIn.

Grand prize: Team outing worth € 1,500


A grand prize will be awarded to all winners at the end of the year. The outing can be filled in as desired, the only requirement is of course a fine social media post on LinkedIn, with Relined in your tag.

The assignments

  1. Browse the website and fill in the contact form on the sector page that applies to you: This is also your application for the game.
  2. Follow us on LinkedIn:
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter.
  4. Tag Relined in a social media message on LinkedIn (@Relined Fiber Network). Please note that this message must be of a substantive nature.
  5. Place an order with Relined.
  6. Submit a lead to one of our Account Managers. Please note that this is also for the Connecting the Dots game.
  7. We will be announcing bonus assignments at various times via social media. Keep a close eye on our LinkedIn page. The tasks will also be explained below as soon as they are announced.

Game rules

  • You can sign up for this game until 30 September 2021, by completing the contact form on the website page of your sector:
  • The assignments must be completed before 29 December 2021.
  • There are multiple combinations / routes possible for getting to the finish line.
  • On 31 December 2021, we will announce the grand prize winner.
  • The voucher for the team outing should be spent in 2022.