BT provides its customers with a wide-ranging portfolio of network-based IT services. The focus here is on supplying cloud, unified communications and cybersecurity services – services that major organisations need in order to enable digital transformation to take place. In addition to its extensive fibre-optic network, BT also has three data centres in the Netherlands.


TenneT TSO is a leading European network manager that operates in the Netherlands and Germany. We endeavour to guarantee a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity via our grid transmission system to about 41 million people.


ProRail is responsible for the Netherlands’ railway network. We work with transport providers 24/7 to get travellers and goods to their destination safely and on time. We want to make the railway network (even) safer, more reliable, more punctual and more sustainable, and work hard every day to achieve this goal. At the same time, we always consider the impact we are having on the environment and society.


With more than 10 years of experience in the rental of fiber optic cables, the company NGN FIBER NETWORK KG operates as a regional and national partner of its customers throughout Germany. High flexibility and customer focus qualify the company as a reliable and efficient partner.


The Dark Fibre partner networks - The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, we work with a number of local and provincial fibre-optic partner networks. This means you can take full advantage of the existing fibre-optic networks. We primarily use partner networks to achieve redundancy (i.e. using separate routes) and to create the ‘last mile’ connection to your location(s).

A single point of contact

Our partnership with partner networks means we make the best possible use of the existing infrastructures. Good to know: all the companies that we work with fulfil at least the same quality standards that Relined does. They also work under the same SLA, with Relined in all cases still being your single point of contact.


TReNT Glasvezel is a supplier of dark fibre optic connections. With our own network we offer companies, governments and non-profit organisations a future-proof, secure and scalable infrastructure. Moreover, TReNT has constructed its network in more than 65 business parks.

The TReNT fibre optic network is an ‘open network’. Customers have the freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they require. TReNT was taken over by Alliander at the beginning of 2020 and as a result also has access to a network in Flevoland, Friesland and North Holland.

Breedband Regio Eindhoven (BRE)

BRE is an independent provider of dark fibre optic connections: amongst others in Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Helmond and Geldrop.

It is a joint initiative by the public authorities and the healthcare, education, housing and business sectors. The network is open in nature, which means that all companies and organisations can use it. You can opt for a connection between your own locations and/or for one to your data centre and/or for one to such marketplaces as the Eindhoven Fiber eXchange (EFX).

Breedband Drechtsteden (Vitrumnet B.V.)

The Breedband Drechtsteden fibre optic network has been well-established in the Drechtsteden region for years now. Our open network structure and the fact that the network is completely independent creates unprecedented opportunities.

Our high-quality fibre optic connections, range of private POP locations and links with adjoining networks and service providers provide the perfect basis for a sound, reliable ICT infrastructure. VitrumNet operates the Breedband Drechtsteden network and serves a large and growing number of customers in the Barendrecht – Drechtsteden – Gorinchem region.


Glazen-Maas provides a high-quality, reliable and neutral ‘dark fibre’ fibre-optic network within the Rotterdam region. Glazen-Maas is an initiative to promote digital innovation in the Rotterdam region. Our customers include organisations in the cultural sector, as well a governmental and semi-public bodies such as hospitals, schools or universities of applied sciences, the City of Rotterdam and private companies. The link to national data centres, including the Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R-iX/NL-IX), Dataplace and KPN Datacenter Rotterdam, means that in principle any location can be connected to.


Kabelnoord is a cable/network company with both a ‘coax’ (coaxial) and fibre optic network in Northeastern Friesland and on the islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

In addition to private connections, all the business parks and many companies have now been provided with fibre optics solutions or have the option of a fibre optic connection.


FiberRevolution! is a revolutionary fibre optics initiative in the Dutch marketplace, as we offer open and independent fibre optics solutions at keen but honest prices with transparent ‘rules of play’. We make fibre-optics solutions affordable for businesses and business parks.

The region-wide networks are created through close collaboration with one or more local employers’ associations. Our guiding principle here is the free flow of data and services. FiberRevolution! started up in 2014 and already has installed hundreds of connections at a large number of business parks, including in Tilburg, Rotterdam, Nieuwkoop, Heemskerk, Vlaardingen Boskoop and Alphen aan den Rijn.

Midden Brabant-Glas

Midden-BrabantGlas is a citizens’ initiative that has been operational since late 2015 to bring people from Baarle Nassau, Alphen-Chaam, Gilze en Rijen, Dongen, Waalwijk, Heusden, part of Den Bosch, Vught, Haaren, part of Oisterwijk, Tilburg and Goirle together to use a cooperative model to start organising the installation of a fibre optic network in the rural areas themselves.

Glasnet Haansberg

Glasnet Haansberg te Rijen is an initiative both by and for businesses located at the Haansberg business park.

These days, a fast Internet connection is an indispensable link for and within any business operation, and that means fibre optics. This was why a task force was set up in 2015 to investigate whether a fibre optic network could be rolled out there, and found that it could – so it was! As a result, the Coöperative Vereniging was set up in October 2016, since which time it has been providing a fibre optic connection at the Haansberg business park.

Community Network Groningen

Community Network supplies open, high-quality, reliable and superfast fibre optic connections for the business market in the northern region. Our own network covers the city of Groningen and we serve the three Northern provinces in partnership with our fellow suppliers.

The Community Network is an ‘open network’, which means that the infrastructure is kept separate from the services. This means that as a connected organisation you are completely free to choose which service provider(s) you wish to purchase services from.


Rekam manages the fibre optic network in the Central Holland region. It is a fine-mesh network, with a large number of service providers using it to provide their services.

Rekam has installed its own fibre optic network in parts of Boskoop, Driebruggen, Gouda, Gouderak, Haastrecht, Lekkerkerk, Lopik, Moordrecht, Ouderkerk aan de IJssel, Oudewater, Papekop, Reeuwijk, Schoonhoven, Snelrewaard, Stolwijk, Waarder and Waddinxveen.

CAI Harderwijk

Breednet Harderwijk is the business fibre optic network managed by the local cable/network company CAI Harderwijk to which hundreds of companies have been connected since 2007.

Being connected to Breednet’s open network means each customer can itself choose who to buy its ICT services from. The link with NDIX allows those companies and organisations who want to provide ICT services to customers to do so to a rapidly growing number of companies and organisations under the same favourable conditions. In their turn, these companies and organisations can choose from a wide range of ICT services from more than 80 service providers.

Stichting Glaslokaal

The Stichting GlasLokaal Foundation has been supplying high-quality dark fibre broadband connections to public and semi-public organisations in The Hague region since 2005. The Foundation focuses on serving the educational, cultural and healthcare sectors and public administration institutions. GlasLokaal was set up in part at the instigation of the Municipality of The Hague and has more than 300 locations connected to its high-quality, fine-mesh fibre optic network.


E-Fiber develops, builds and operates open fibre-optic networks and provides ‘dark fibre’ fibre-optic connections in the Northeastern Brabant region.

Apart from urban connections, we are constantly working on improving our infrastructure, innovation and technology to achieve even better people-friendly solutions. Our aim is to provide everyone in the Netherlands with a fibre-optic solution, whether they live in a city, village or rural region.

Breedband Delft

Breedband Delft manages its own fibre optic network for regional organisations. Breedband Delft’s network covers Delft itself, the Westland region and a large section of Nootdorp and Pijnacker. Work is going on all the time to expand both the network itself and the range of services provided.
Our fast, reliable fibre optic network gives organisations the opportunity to use VoIP and SaaS to make considerable cost savings.

Glasnet Zoetermeer

Glasnet Zoetermeer is a local cooperative fibre optic network that is a non-profit organisation. The fibre optic network is completely open for suppliers of Internet, telephony, cloud and ICT services. Glasnet Zoetermeer focuses on the fully commercial market and can provide large, small and start-up companies with an affordable connection.

Stadsring Leeuwarden

The Stadsring Leeuwarden is a high-quality fibre optic network intended for commercial use. The Stadsring is an extensive network many kilometres in length that extends right across Leeuwarden. Fibre optics makes many things possible, including providing a range of services at unprecedented speed across the same connection, which is precisely what the Stadsring wants to offer its customers.

The Stadsring Leeuwarden is an open network. This means that anybody can use the network under the same conditions. This makes the Stadsring Leeuwarden a unique product that offers equal opportunity (and opportunities) to all parties.


FiberNH and FiberFlevo are committed to offering a fast and reliable open fiber optic network at the so-called white addresses. These are mostly homes in the outskirts and industrial areas where residents and businesses still have to contend with a relatively slow connection.



ADVA Optical Networking

ADVA Optical Networking empowers the optical edge. ADVA Optical Networking is a global supplier of packet and optical (WDM) solutions that power the world’s largest networks. Our products combine innovative hardware with intelligent software to make networks smarter, faster and more efficient.


Arcadiz is a leading optical Network Integrator with more than 20 years of experience in designing, building, maintaining and monitoring business critical telecommunication networks in the Benelux. The networks are delivered turnkey and built with the most advanced optical technologies. They help meet our customers’ ever-growing demand for bandwidth, security and efficiency.


TrueCom designs, supplies, installs and maintains Datacenter Interconnect, Access and Wireless solutions. TrueCom creates the links and deploys the appropriate technology for them, from office networks for mobile users to optical networks. TrueCom is also happy to provide these networks with protection against eavesdropping by offering both monitoring and Level 1 and 2 encryption services.


Fiber Carrier Association

The FCA’s mission is to provide independent carriers in the Netherlands with a platform and to promote mutual cooperation between them. In turn, this cooperation promotes the growth of the individual carrier, as well as the quality of the infrastructure throughout the Netherlands.


The German Broadband Association (BREKO) represents the majority of all alternative fixed line broadband network operators in Germany. BREKO members rely on future-proof fibre infrastructures and currently account for more than 60 percent of the competitive FTTB/H deployment. Since its inception in 1999, BREKO has successfully advocated competition on the German telecommunications market.


The VATM represents more than ninety telecommunications and multimedia companies active in the German market. The Association represents about 80 percent of the private service providers in this sector by revenue. The Association seeks to create competitive conditions that will provide all participants in the market with a fair chance to succeed, and to operate in a stable regulatory framework and investment climate.