The story of Relined

At the end of the last century, the Netherlands started installing fibre optic networks. The first networks were installed by public and private parties who needed to create a reliable, fast and secure data connection between two or more places in the Netherlands for a specific purpose.

ProRail en TenneT

At that time, railway manager ProRail and electricity transmitter TenneT were major players that were installing fibre optics networks to provide their data needs. ProRail needed the network to manage signals and switches, among other things, while TenneT used fibre optics to monitor the national electricity network (grid). That’s how a high-quality fibre optic cable network ended up being installed alongside all the railway lines and electrical pylons in the Netherlands at the end of the 1990s, part of which capacity remained unutilized.

Selling the unutilized capacity

Around the turn of the century, the idea arose of selling the unutilized network capacity in the marketplace. This challenge led to Relined being founded in 2003, a company that focusses 100% on the localising and selling of unutilized fibre optic capacity. Right from the start, Relined has focussed its efforts on Dark Fibre, which literally refers to unlit glass fibre, namely to exclusive fibre optic connections from A to B that consist of unutilized Dark Fibres that belong to public and/or private networks.

Expanding the network

One important challenge was that of enlarging the network and connecting the data centres to it. In 2006, Relined acquired the network then known as Carrier 1. In this way, the national networks of ProRail and TenneT were connected with the Internet PoPs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Due to the growth in international customers and our desire to clarify our identity, the decision was made in 2014 to transition to a new corporate branding and trade name, namely the ‘Relined Fiber Network’.


In 2016, Relined intensified its partnerships with local and regional networks in order to deploy the unutilized fibre optic capacity more extensively there as well. Relined has now developed into a professional and independent supplier of unutilized Dark Fibre capacity within existing public and private fibre optic networks and one that can offer nationwide coverage throughout the Netherlands. In 2017, this success led to a partnership with BT. This expanded our network by over 4,000 kilometres, both nationally and by adding fine-mesh networks. The number of connected data centres in the Netherlands rose from 70 to over 100.

Relined GmbH - Germany

Relined GmbH was officially founded in 2017 with the goal of further expanding the network across national borders. The metropolitan network in Frankfurt was launched a year later, with a whole host of data centres being connected to this. A partnership was also entered into with NGN that gave Relined access to a network in Germany with nationwide coverage.

Submarine cable to Denmark

From 2019 onwards, Relined will be delivering Dark Fibre connections to Denmark by means of an submarine cable. This also provides the desired access to Northern Europe.