These organisations opted for Relined and its Dark Fiber product

Logo Fujitsu

Customer Cases: Art Of Automation

‘Relined has been working with Art Of Automation since 2013 but for many in our company, Relined has been a reliable partner for even longer than that. For instance, I got to know Relined via my previous employer. Our partnership is a flexible and enjoyable one. All the people there who we have come into contact with know all the ins and outs of our ‘case’, show a sincere interest in our needs and can also make a valuable contribution to our success. What’s more, Relined does not operate in a way that could compromise our competitive position in any way. This makes our collaboration an even more pleasant one!’

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Logo Deventer Ziekenhuis

Customer Cases: Deventer Hospital

“Every month, more than 11,000 requests for lab work are submitted fully automatically; completely error-free and extremely fast. Thanks in part to Relined’s connections, we are making healthcare more efficient here.”

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Logo Gemeente Alkmaar

Customer Cases: Municipality of Alkmaar

“Relined is an important and well-established player in the Dutch data communication sector. Our collaboration focuses on the use and management of our fibre-optic network and ducts. Resulting in good value for money and reliable connections.”

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Logo Fujitsu

Customer cases: Fujitsu

“Together with Relined, Fujitsu was able to present a much more attractive business case that also offered considerably greater capacity.”

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Logo ndix

Customer cases: NDIX

“Relined offers quality at an attractive price, which – along with its great network coverage and the low damping in the connections – are important reasons why we purchase Dark Fiber connections from Relined.”

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Logo i3d net

Customer cases:

“The fact that only certified contractors are allowed to work near the fibre optic cables means the network is exceptionally stable, safe and secure.”

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Logo Aventus

Customer cases: Aventus

“Relined’s proposal offered us quality at a competitive price. Prior to this, Relined had already submitted a clearly written implementation plan to us that considered all the possible scenarios. This gave us a lot of confidence in them. Not for nothing was the tender awarded to Relined.”

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