Relined Fiber Network – who are we?

We are the leading independent supplier of reliable Dark Fibre connections. Relined Fiber Network supplies fibre optic connections from A to B, using the stable and reliable Dark Fibres of public and/or private networks. Together with our preferred suppliers, we have access to around 30,000 kilometres of high-quality fibre optic infrastructure, giving us a nationwide, fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in both the Netherlands and Germany. Almost any location is within our reach!

The entire focus of Relined’s operations is localising and marketing unutilized fibre optic capacity in the form of Dark Fibre. This is because both the Netherlands and Germany have an excellent fibre optic infrastructure and connections can often be made far more efficiently using the unutilized capacity of existing networks.

We believe in making optimum use of this existing capacity and preventing new networks being built unnecessarily. Why adopt this approach when there is already so much that is good? Because we are contributing to society, by preventing a great deal of excavation work.

Apart from national connections and a fine-mesh Dark Fibre network in various city centres, Relined operates an submarine cable between the Netherlands and Denmark. This submarine cable gives you access to a reliable, superfast connection between the two countries and from Esbjerg links you easily to networks on land or the submarine cable to the UK.

Our story

At around the turn of the century the idea emerged of offering the market something unique. Something that existed to a limited degree. Or rather something that existed in great quantity, but was not being put to optimum use. Optical fibre! At the time it was a relatively unknown and expensive product, not yet really taken seriously by business. And this while public and private players had already built a great many networks and the whole of the Netherlands was actually already equipped with an excellent fibre optic infrastructure.

The focus from the outset was on Dark Fibre – literally unlit optical fibre. Exclusive fibre optic connections from A to B (possibly via C and/or back again), consisting of the unutilized Dark Fibres of public and/or private networks.

‘What a waste, we must do something with it.’ In 2003 this thinking led to the establishment of Relined Fiber Network, then – in true Dutch style – still pronounced as Ray-lee-net. At the time we were real pioneers who brought Dark Fibre to the Dutch market. With a mission to market existing fibre optic capacity and the social goal of preventing new networks being built unnecessarily.

Why choose the Relined Fiber Network?

Because we’re your partner and not your competitor. We only offer Dark Fibre, the connection from A to B, and not the associated services. The rest is entirely up to you, so you have complete freedom in choosing a service. A professional and ethical attitude to work is key for us. We do as we promise and make good on our agreements (ISO 9001). We are transparent, explain what we are doing and why and are pleased to join you in taking a proactive, solution-oriented approach to setting up a scalable and reliable network infrastructure for your organisation. In other words, a network with the future in mind!

If you choose Relined, you are choosing reliability, flexibility, quality and ‘being as good as our word’.

ISO certifications

Relined is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to these quality and information security standards.

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