Independent supplier of unused Dark Fiber

Relined is the leading – and independent – supplier of Dark Fiber connections in Northwest Europe. Together with its preferred suppliers, Relined offers a nationwide, fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in the Netherlands and Germany that is more than 29,825 kilometres in length and that boasts a high-quality fibre optic infrastructure. You can use this network to reach almost any location. In addition to national connections and a fine-mesh Dark Fiber network in a whole host of city centres, Relined operates an undersea data transmission cable that connects the Netherlands and Denmark.

Fine-mesh fibre optic infrastructure

It’s essential to have a high-quality, reliable fibre optic infrastructure. Many parties have installed their own fibre-optic networks, which is why both the Netherlands and Germany have excellent nationwide, finely-meshed fibre optic infrastructures in place. However, these are not being used optimally at all times. New networks are being added all the time, even though in many cases connections can actually be achieved more efficiently by using the unused capacity of existing networks. And this is precisely what Relined does!

Why choose the Relined Fiber Network?

We would be happy to discuss potential solutions with you for setting up a scalable, reliable and futureproof network infrastructure for your organisation. When you choose Relined, you are choosing reliability, flexibility and quality, and the fact that our word is our bond.

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