No connection fee and fast delivery

Note: limited availability

Are you looking for a nationwide Dark Fibre connection?

Your connection is ready for use

Would you like to have a nationwide Dark Fiber connection as soon as possible? This is the chance!

No connection fee and fast delivery

Nationwide connections normally have a delivery time of 12-16 weeks. But what if you need a connection sooner? Relined has the solution for you! Make use of connections that we already have prepared for you. Which means: fast delivery and no connection fee.

Please note: limited availability!

Contact one of our Account Managers to claim one of these specific routes. There are only a few fibres available, so don’t miss out.

Available routes

  • BIT Ede – Amsterdam Science Park
    Distance ± 90 km
  • BIT Ede – Interconnect Den Bosch
    Distance ± 85 km
  • Spaanse Kubus Rotterdam – Amsterdam Science Park
    Distance ± 105 km
  • Hilversum – Amsterdam Southeast
    Distance ± 35 km

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